Car Bomb - Centralia

Car Bomb are a Tech Metal/Mathcore group that have a very different approach to it. Low and punching rhythms are contrasted with extremely high pitched guitar licks, pick scrapes and sweeps played extremely quickly, with some fairly angry vocals. They seem to favour repetition and have some riffs which could be described as such, though they seem to use it sparingly, such as in tracks like Cielo Drive and Gum Under The Table. These guys don't use dissonance in the traditional sense, and you shouldn't expect to hear it in the rhythm at all (which is more rhythmic and chugging than it is melodic): it is the lead guitar which implements it so well, with fast sweeps and very squealy playing which, to an unseasoned listener, may seem rather hideous as they are very sporadic, and often only last a second long per bar. Mix in the vocals which can sometimes sound like they are breaking up, and you have a formidable band. The key thing to point out about this band is their use of appropriate technicality, and also when to give it a break: they are technical, but listening to this, I don't ever think that they are showing off or just trying to be technical to look cool: it's all very neat and all the instruments get a fair share (though I do sometimes feel like the bass should be doing more, as it seems to be just following the rhythm guitar: a big no-no). Furthermore, the drums are pretty good on this, and he has some really good and varied drum beats that really suit the rhythm and give a good structure to the band. What I think I like about the sound production-wise is how raw and organic it sounds: the guitar tone is pretty good, they don't lay on loads of shitty effects and the vocals are natural. As for knowing when to give it a break; there are some really good laid back sections here, like in Cellophane Stiletto, some of which have a teeny bit of jazz influence there. This is also apparent in the vocals, as his cleaner vocals are pretty good, and very refreshing to hear. The singer has got an awful lot of dynamic range and singing style; and he isn't afraid to show it. I have a little gripe with some songs like Cielo Drive and M^6 as they both annoy me rhythmically: the repetitive nature of the record makes the *chugchugchug* -pause- AAAAAhHHHH! *chugchugchug* -pause- AAAAAH! bloody irritating sometimes, and M^6 pushes it too far. However, you then get tracks like H5N1, Gum Under The Table, and the best track, Best Intentions, which really do make me forget about it once they start. Though it is a little short, this is a great album, and worth checking out if only for the rhythmic insanity and technical aspects.


What to expect: Extremely sporadic and chuggy Tech Metal/Mathcore. For fans of Meshuggah, TDEP and Psyopus.

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