Damascus - Salutations, Distant Satellite!

Post Rock. Much more engaging than most PM, Damascus seem to like Mogwai and probably ASIWYFA. I find myself more intrigued by them than most music in the same genres.


This is a collection of various artists: mainly post *Shels, but also some slightly more mathy stuff like Pretend. It is paid for, but there is some quality stuff here.


Birth Of Flower - Moths

Punk. Vocals aren't great, but that's to be expected. Some of this reminds me of Beefheart. They might like him? Nothing amazing here, but it's alright.

Victor Florence

Acoustic Folk. Several albums on here, all good listening and quite relaxing.

Faith In Hours

Instrumental Progressive Rock hailing from the UK.

Dead Horse Beats - The Sounds Of The Swing Era

Think Hip-Hop/Rap with Gypsy/Swing Jazz samples. This shit is fucking excellent.

Carthasy - Apertures

A bit of Post Rock and a bit of Hard Rock. Worth a look. A lot of this is very laid back and good to relax to, but engaging enough so that it can still get you going.

Jamil Kelly - The Boy King

Some pretty good stuff here. Have a listen, and download for free if you like it. Genre is Hip-Hop/Rap. Lots of Trip-Hop influence, and a little atmospheric with his effects. There are two EP's up for grabs on here, both about 40 minutes long.

Few Quiet People

Few Quiet People is a Polish independent label for Ambient artists, and offers free downloads of all listed albums. Some of the artists like sine waves, so avoid if that isn't your thing.

Deers - 3 EP's (basically, one album)

Alternative Rock, but these guys seem to take inspiration from lots of different places... I hear a little bit of Dream Pop in there at times, and also Shoegaze and such. Worth a look.


EDIT: After a few more listens, I hear little bits which remind me of American Football, Biffy Clyro and others. DOWNLOAD THIS NOW.

Clastic - Strata EP

Instrumental Math Rock. These guys have a bit of electronic influence, and they use it well and appropriately. This is a promising release.

Orion - Where Whales Go To Die EP

Progressive Metal/Ambient on ERG's. A little djenty, but listenable. Very much inspired by Scale The Summit, but not wanking all over the shop. You will have to pay to buy it, but it's only £1. There is a great intro to track one which sets the mood (a speech), and from there you get a good feel for how they sound. Not the most imaginative band in the world, but enjoyable.