Baba Brinkman - The Canterbury Tales Remixed Mini-Review

The Canterbury Tales Remixed cover art 

Stop, drop, and roll your ass to this magnificent creation by philosophical hip-hop guru Baba Brinkman. I wish the vinyl in this picture was on my record player because this music deserves some serious listening. Brinkman crafts some sophisticated rhymes based on some of the oldest written stories (The Epic of Gilgamesh, Beowulf) and the Canterbury Tales. While each track tells its own tale, the record as a whole makes up a powerful cross-examination of humanity and its various motivations, cultural pitfalls, classical archetypes, and its perpetual comedy. 
A lot of these tunes beat the 7 minute mark, making this a truly epic and rewarding listen for those with a curious and thoughtful mind. Scattered here and there are little interludes that keep the album from being just a collection of epics, and each track has some fantastic tongue-in-cheek lyrical humor that works incredibly well alongside the mysticism. 
Pay what you can for this one, it's well worth it...


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  2. I'm very impressed by the genres of music that you have commented on in storage here and this one here is actually one of my favourite tracks! Glad that you took the time to review it!


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