Antlers - Antlers

This is a concept album about some chick with cancer who is a bitch to this nurse or the writer or is it just a metaphor for him being treated like shit? That brings along the question as to why cancer is mentioned perhaps that's a metaphor for her personality slowly destroying some part of her or perhaps the relationship, and then there's Bear so I guess maybe it's in her stomach or at a stretch her colon or maybe she's pregnant and hormones are making her act up it's all very vague and I imagine it'll make you baww your eyes out no matter how you read it.

Okay, yeah. It's a different band. Antlers have this upbeat, fuzzed out alt. rock sound very influenced (I imagine) by bands like Death From Above 1979 and Fang Island. I've been listening to this a lot recently and I'm impressed.

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