Rabbit Hole Revelations - Songs for Broken Ears

Starting off with what I would not expect from RHR, this quickly moves into the smooth sound found in LP. Guitar loops and gentle trip-hoppy beats come in with vocal samples and that classic yet very original laid-back-in-the-sun-on-a-beach sound returns. However, there is a slight edge to it this time round, bringing in a little more "attitude" from traditional hip-hop and some nice synths into it as well as including pitch shifted samples and just a slight pinch of something to get your foot tapping amongst the pretty ambiance which the debut may have lacked. This is also much less predictable. Though it's not using groundbreaking beats or progressions, it brings in instruments I just wouldn't expect to hear and underneath the simple prettiness is actually a great intricacy. Above that I hear slapped bass and what I think are pan-pipes. It's just so damn groovy. Yet simultaneously mellow. In H.U.G Life I hear these chanted vocals and a slightly stereotypically Eastern sound. It hops around genres all the time but does it so well. And the music aside... the production. It's perfectly balanced, and it's what allows the intricate layering to not sound crowded when it is there. The aforementioned synths can sound a little cheesy to me but not in a way which has much negative influence on my opinion of it, and kind of fit, bar the odd chunk of Stilton. I was under the impression that RHR's debut was going to be just that and nothing more, so when I suddenly see there's a followup, I'm overjoyed. I will update this as I listen more and more.



  1. Thanks for this, Moosick. Been a fan of Rabbit Hole Revelations since I found the LP on /mu/.

    1. His work is stunning. This isn't the LP, but it's still good.


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