Ruined Machines - Jupiter Review

Jupiter cover art 

Take a moment to absorb the artwork from this most recent Celestial Bodies release. The collaboration between Ruined Machines (Joe Kenyon) and artist Michael Brodka has passed far beyond epic proportions and into the realm of majesty. After seven releases we are past the halfway point, and sadly drifting towards the end of this amazing series. Jupiter is a grand experiment by Kenyon, rewarding the constant listeners with his most ambient and electronic work yet. 
"Act III - Storm" opens with some classic 8 bit aural goodness before sinking lavishly into a soothing drone that continues beneath an X-Filesesque keyboard section. "Io" rises from the silent black, presenting a slow, steady beat beneath playful electronica. Listening to this track I could almost picture the moon rounding the planet's horizon, set before the sun's distant gleam.
"Callisto" bears a similarly fun electronic ramble, infused with synth lines and a rich guitar part. "Ganymede" is the jewel of Jupiter's crown, surfing along its icy orbit, calmly bearing witness to the turbulence beneath. This song is moving in all the right ways, filling you with a warm loneliness. In contrast, "Europa" is the pop star of the group, instantly winning you over with its exuberant weight. Kenyon pushes his distorted guitar tone to great heights, complimenting the electronic beat he's devised with obvious love and care. "Europa" caps this EP off wonderfully, making you yearn to take the journey around the gas giant just one more time before you sink into your dreams.
With Saturn coming in the new year now is the perfect time to reflect on the Celestial Bodes. A project like this might never be realized again, nor executed with such amazing results. So give Ruined Machines your support this holiday season, and welcome them into the new year with open ears...

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