Harlequin Jones - The Bad Beginning

Dark Cabaret group Harlequin Jones have a new EP out.
I'm not sure how it'll be (haven't listened yet), but have a listen.

Frown Face - Deep Seas & Dark Waters

/mu/tant. Experimental Electronic which is highly eclectic, varying between something very etheral to the sort of Noise Prurient might put out. Some nice guitar strumming at times... it's all over the place. I like it for that because he doesn't push it too far, and still stops it from becoming banal and stretched out. Just listen. I can't categorise this easily.

Mass Movement Of The Moth - Outerspace

Experimental Post Hardcore. Worships Locust. Liking it. The whole discography is free. EDIT: This is very, very enjoyable to listen to.

Gilead Media

Quite a large amount of what this label offers is 'pay what you want'. I suggest you check this out if you are into Sludge: they host Thou here.

Linus - 6 tracks

Instrumental Math Rock. Sadly, there isn't much here, and it doesn't look like they are recording often, but enjoy. It's interesting enough.

Fennel - A Leap Across A Chasm

Ambient which uses field recordings and even recordings of frogs, as well as various instruments. I haven't given this much of a listen but I like what I hear.

The Age Of Rockets - Hannah

Orchestral Alternative Rock/Indie or whatever. For fans of Elbow.

Elijah Tebbetts - New Odds

Experimental Ambient/Drone. I like the eclecticism in this. Little bits of noise here and there. What sounds like a recording of a shopping mall which has been manipulated. Even some synths on the last track. Lots of influences are found here, and hearing them captures my interest.

Hokie Joint - Youtube shares

Hokie Joint were a Suffolk-based slide Blues/Rock n Roll band who produced a very good debut. Now, they are something different. The Music Starts to Play now has Alternative Rock and Eastern European Folk influence. It's brilliant. Here be three Youtube videos. The live ones have good enough sound quality to enjoy.

Phil Cook & His Feat - S/T & Hungry Mother Blues

One-man-band Folk. Relaxing, pretty, and emotive. I really like this, and have done ever since I found him a couple of months back. He has a slightly bluesy sound, and plays a bit of dobro too, so don't just expect just an acoustic guitar. All instrumental, but it wouldn't work with vocals. The paid for one (Hungry Mother Blues) is a million times better, but the debut is good.

Awake In Sleep - S/T

I came across these guys a while ago. Listening to them as I type this. Awake In Sleep are a French Atmospheric Sludge/"post metal" band inspired by all the big players such as Isis and Neurosis. There is, as with all "post metal," some Post Rock influence and also some Post Hardcore influence, but it's less apparent. Also note how crushing the guitars sound: obviously you can't translate music in weight, but some of these riffs are heavy. They feel heavier than a lot of AS I've listened to, anyway. This is a pretty enjoyable debut to listen to.

Cosmonauts Day - Paths Of The Restless

These guys are an Atmospheric Sludge/Post Rock project from Moscow. It's... interesting. Lots of bass presence at times, and I find myself both loving and hating the guitar tone simultaneously. They also use theory/songwriting/whatever a little deeper than just playing pretty twinkly major melodies with tons of reverb and delay over repeatedly strummed chord progressions; using other scales such as harmonic minor, which makes a change (not that that hasn't been done before in PR, but you get my point). They also keep their Sludge roots at times, and have some heavier sections which have that obvious influence. I haven't given this a full listen or even much of one, but from what I hear, Cosmonauts Day seem to show promise. Though entirely different bands, fans of Pelican and And So I Watch You From Afar will like this.

Rabbit Hole Revelations - LP

I came across RHR a while back and have wanted to share it but I never knew he had a Bandcamp. Suffice to say, this is some of the most chilled out, relaxed and interesting Trip-Hop I've ever heard. Probably my favourite album I've shared so far, asides from maybe The Skeleton Dead. RHR seems to be a mix of Trip-Hop, Folk, and Ambient. He has such a smooth sound to his work, and such a happy sound, too. Acoustic guitars and saxophones are mixed in with slow beats which are just fantastic. He also uses voice samples from speeches and news readings which are appropriate in the context and really benefit the album. It has some more solemn moments, but for the most part it's just so upbeat and happy. Like a kitten in a bathtub full of string.

In all seriousness though, this is brilliant. Some of the best Electronic music I've heard in quite some time, and it has the quality that I can enjoy it whatever mood I'm in, and it's just so... comfortable. The best tracks are probably Berries & Cream and Atlas At Last (the opening track, which really sets the mood), but this is consistently good and varied. This is a 9.5/10. I love it.

Issachar - The Teaser EP

Only three tracks, but it's pretty good Progressive Metalcore: for fans of BTBAM, if you like those guys. I enjoy this more than them, even if the production isn't amazing. It's more interesting. Worth a listen, but if you don't like PMC then you probably won't like it.

Álfheimr - What Allows Us To Endure

Post Rock/Ambient. Very etheral: probably inspired by Sigur Ros. I have a thing with PR: I enjoy listening to it and have tons of albums in my library, but 80% of it is forgettable to me (probably because there's a lot of shitty 3rd wave there). Even the greats like GY!BE. I've listened to about 5 minutes of this, and I'm telling you now, you should DL it. It's filled with layers in a different way to other PR, using noise, semi to completely unintelligible vocals and layers and layers of sound without going overboard. It isn't... boring. It's really, really good. Memorable. This is a /mu/tant making this, so I'm told, and dammit he knows his stuff.

Weye - Friends, Family & Others

Instrumental Math Rock which seems more influenced by Post Hardcore than Emo. Very stop and start, and mainly "lower" riffs rather than twinkly progressions. but you know what's best about it? It's Math Rock that ACTUALLY USES ODD TIME SIGNATURES, which is nice because I'm seeing a lot of non-MR getting labeled as MR. I'm enjoying this.


Dark Cabaret Recommendations

Here are 6 tracks by various Dark Cabaret artists: click "Read more>" to see all six.

An eclectic genre, it mixes the principles of Gypsy Jazz with circus music, Old-Time, and Punk. It developed from Cabaret Pop, an example of which is Sophie Lux.

Reverend Glasseye (and his wooden legs)
The most Punk influenced, and for fans of Mr. Waits without a doubt.

Cloudkicker - The Discovery, Entire Discography


Need I say much more? If you've heard of them, you've most likely downloaded every single one of their albums. Truly one of my favourite bands of all time, and get this: all of their discography is available for free download.

If you're a fan of progressive rock and metal, this is for you. Their first album, the Discovery is an awesome, mind blowing album that pounds you into submission, then gives you a hand up, dusts you off and, with a tip of the hat and a penny for your trouble, walks away.

There is but one song in the Cloudkicker discography (the title track from the album Let Yourself Be Huge); the music is otherwise instrumental. However, do not let this trick you into thinking it's going to be an easy or boring ride- the sheer force of sound and excellently crafted riffs will keep you hooked through all of the band's releases.

Nine Inch Nails - The Slip

The album is, of course, The Slip by industrial rock giant Nine Inch Nails, masterminded by Trent Reznor (best known for Nine Inch Nails, How To Destroy Angels, and the soundtracks to the Social Network and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) who decided to release this latest NIN album for free- inspired by the "Pay What You Want" idea of Radiohead's In Rainbows, which Reznor seemed to feel strongly about and supported with a chunk of his own money.

Whilst I would agree that this is not NIN's best album, the range of styles shown within really encompass the whole of NIN's discography, giving new fans a sort of pick and mix taste of the many sounds of NIN. Furthermore, it's free to download (a clever tactic, Trent!)

Fishtank Ensemble - Woman In Sin

Gypsy Jazz with a slightly modern feel. This put me in a fantastic mood. Download this!


Serious Beak - Huxwhukw

Progressive Metal meets Mathcore. Fucking odd. A million times better than the usual wanky metal, this actually keeps me interested. Incredibly varied and eclectic, and just plain weird. The artwork and album name pretty much sums these guys up. I'm afraid it's paid for, but I'm sure it's on mediafire.

The Skeleton Dead - S/T

Depressive Folk. Really, really good. You're welcome. This is easily a 9, and probably my album of the year for 2011.

Shit Yourself Little Parrot/Hwi Noree split

Mathcore and Nintendocore fusion. Pretty good. Hwi Noree are a French Hardcore band, and aren't bad either. But, it's SYLP that catch my interest. They are incredibly varied, and remind me of several Mathcore bands other than DEP, which is nice, and they're also a little melodic at times. Furthermore, hearing the Tetris theme in the middle of the second track was fairly orgasmic.

Kit Fisto - 2 EPs

Math Rock inspired (mostly in 4/4) Experimental Rock which will put a bigger smile on your face than kittens and candyfloss. Described by one fan as ">everyonehighfivingeveryonecore." GET THIS. People who like this will also like Dananananaykroyd, though they are totally different bands. The first EP is free, the older one paid for. I got both. I suggest you do the same. EDIT: The paid for EP is very mathy and very diverse, borrowing elements from several genres. The pictured one is less varied and more upbeat but in some ways better.

Sun Devoured Earth - I Wish I Would Never Wake Up

A must have for fans of Post Black Metal, Blackgaze etc. It's good. Nuff said. If you like this, you will also like Les Discrets and Amesoeurs.

David Bailey - Abnormal Psychology

For anyone studying or interested in abnormal psychology, which concerns mental health, David Bailey from HACC does a free podcast series on iTunes. Despite his slightly irritating idiolect, his lectures are very good and even someone not hugely familiar with the subject can grasp it to some degree.

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea Cover Feat. Mike Dewitt

Done with a guitar, a trombone and an upright bass. This is, for lack of a better word, excellent.

Listener - Wooden Heart

Spoken Word/Talk Music/Poetry over a slightly Post-Rocky Alternative Rock. I'm not going to write about how good this is in detail, but...

or mediafire it if that's your thing

Town Hall - Sticky Notes & Paper Scraps

Ignore the shitty artwork, and listen to this. It's Indie Folk with a female vocalist, supported by a bloke. The guitarist clearly likes Math Rock (this isn't mathy though), and the lyrics are excellent. This is very diverse and very, very relaxing. I strongly recommend. This is probably an 8 out of 10.