Sithu Aye - Cassini

Ambient Progressive Metal. For fans of Cloudkicker.

Elijah Tebbetts - An Aside

Ambient: I haven't had a chance to listen because my computer hates me, but New Odds was good, so have a listen.

The Microphones - The Glow Pt. 2 Disc Two: Other Songs & Destroyed Versions

This came with the reissue of The Glow Pt. 2, and contains extra tracks and demos of the album: the tracks are...
  1.  Where Lies My Tarp?
  2. I Felt My Size (Acoustic)
  3. I Hope You Wish You'd Die
  4. I'm Like You, Tree
  5. The Glow, Pt. 2 (Sequel)
  6. We're Here to Listen
  7. Sleepy Hollow
  8. Lanterns (Version)
  9. Map/Moon (Version)
  10. The Glow, Pt. 2 (Version)
  11. I Want Wind to Blow (Version)
  12. Instrumental (Version)
  13. The Moon (Version)
  14. Samurai Sword (Version)
  15. The Gleam, Pt. 2 (Version)
  16. My Roots... (Version)
  17. I Felt My Size (Version)
  18. My Warm Blood (Version)
  19. You'll Be in the Air (Version)
  20. The Moooon (Version)

Answer Me This

This is a podcast where people contact two weirdos (and a soundman who chips in at times) with random musings, questions and wonders of all natures. Very amusing, albeit occasionally immature. A good way to spend the morning commute to work. I know it's not music, but whatever.

Kekal - Audible Minority

Experimental Rock: mixes in all sorts. Very electronic at times. Pretty good!

Eschaton - An Instrument Of Darkness

Black Metal. Dem vocals. There is an earlier album, but it's nothing compared to this.

A View From Nihil - Discography

Extremely minimal Noise. At first a little dull, but it totally absorbs you. Strongly recommend.

Затухание - Затухание

Just plain hideous Black Metal/Harsh Noise.

Atmosfear - Metaverse

Experimental Hip-Hop/Trip-Hop. Put this on 10 minutes ago... it's interesting, and, as can be expected from Trip-Hop, it goes down smoother than a coconut rum on a Hawaiian beach.

Xrin Arms - Human Hallucinogen

Xrin Arms was once a cybergrind act, but there isn't a trace of that left here. Really psychedelic hip-hop album. Its consistently awesome and memorable. There's no minimum price, but this man deserves your money.

Saccage - La Dérape Tabarnak

Anyone like metal? This one falls somewhere between black metal and crust punk and it's totally awesome. The production is fantastic for a demo tape.


So I'm Will. I run another music blog called Errorosion. I have an electronic music project called Weapon Y/Z. I'll be posting cool shit I find here as well.

This is some sweet hip-hop from Atlanta. It's all really creative and catchy as hell. It manages to stay quite melodic.

Fang Island - S/T

Alt. Rock/everyonehifivingeveryonecore. It's paid for, but mediafire it if you don't wanna pay. Either way, share this album with others or at least support the band in some way.

SQUIRTS - The Repelled Becomes The Repellent

Noise with a lot of samples. A little tryhard, but it's not bad.

Sex Type Thing - Southern Dreams From Northern Reality. Play It Loud.

Stoner Rock/Hard Rock. Stone Temple Pilots influence, anyone? It's good. Something to drive fast to, or something to dance around the house to, wearing only boxers and a traffic cone for a hat whatthefuckamitalkingabout

Buddies For The Blues - Lessons In Swing

Blues. Noice, too. Sometimes the solos are a little too much of a SRV blowjob, but overall this is quite eclectic in styles and is an enjoyable listen (based on what I hear). The guitarists are clearly well versed in a lot of different styles, and it's just generally something I would enjoy drinking/relaxing to.

Thelema! - Thelema

Stoner Rock/Blues Rock. I'm not going to say this is hugely original, but it's good fun. Reminds me more of Monster Magnet, than say, Boris.

Landforge - Servitude to Earth

Atmospheric Sludge from a UGer. It's alright.

Quiet Company - We Are All Where We Belong

Paid for: sorry. But, it's kind of worth it. It's nice. It's obviously professionally recorded and there is a lot of atmosphere, and lots going on at once. Good Alt. Rock.

Uniform Motion - Life

Indie Folk. Closer to Alt. Rock, but it has a classical guitar in it instead of electrics, so apparently that makes it Indie Folk. It's good though! Three albums. Enjoy.

zYnthetic - Three Ring

Circus music mixed with Industrial and a little Breakcore. What the fuck am I hearing? This is awesome! The latest EP is a Christmas themed one.

Weapon Y/Z - The Unmaking

I came across this through a fellow blogger. Not a genre I am familiar with, but it's labelled as Digital Hardcore? I can kinda hear it. Anywhoo, it's good.

Julio y Agosto - S/T

Spanish Folk. Really nice. Violins, guitars, double basses and ukuleles'. Smile-core. Slow and steady, and a little "otherworldly".

Town Hall Interview

Town Hall are an Indie Folk group from NYC with a great and original sound. Here, I talked to Jesse about the band.

So, how far into recording are you?

We actually finished recording a long time ago since the EP (Sticky Notes & Paper Scraps) & the full-length (Roots & Bells) were recorded at the same time. We just finished the track listing for the new album and sent everything out for mastering so we're running right on schedule to have physical copies of our new album ready for our album release show on Sunday, April 15th at The Studio at Webster Hall in NYC.

Will it follow your debut EP in style, or are you trying something a little different?

Since the EP & full-length were recorded at the same time with the same producers and musicians, the record will feel familiar in tone & style to anyone who listened to the EP. However, since Sticky Notes & Paper Scraps is a collection of songs that we wrote when the band first started as an acoustic trio in Fall 2010, the EP was meant to show listeners how our sound had progressed over the past year by re-imagining our first few songs. Our intention with the full-length was to take the same approach with our new songs that were originally written with our current instrumentation in mind. These songs were written much more collaboratively & I think we truly discovered our sound through this writing process. The full length contains many of the songs from the EP but take on new meaning when put into context against all of the new material.

Who really influences you guys? Who drives you?

Part of what makes this project so interesting for all of us is the fact that we all come from completely different musical backgrounds. Stefan (vocals, mandolin) grew up listening to old 78 records and listening to a lot of indie music, Phoebe (vocals) also writes a lot of pop music ranging anywhere from top 40 to K-pop, & my background is primarily in experimental and avant-garde forms of music. While a fusion of old folk, pop, & experimental would just sound overwhelming, I think each of us are able to add our varied musical upbringing into the songwriting process while still sticking to the sound that we've established as a band.

You seem to have quite a range of influences and quite an original sound: when I first heard you, I thought of the vocal harmonies of Low and the picking of This Town Needs Guns. Is this something you try to do, or does it just happen?

I am not familiar with Low (though I will be as soon as I finish writing this email to you) but I am aware of This Town Needs Guns as I spent the 4-5 years before Town Hall began playing in math rock bands. I don't think we ever actively try to make a tune in the style of another artist or try to incorporate techniques of various genres, but I'm sure our influences are reflected onto our music.

Over the last few weeks, we have been releasing live cover videos (see our YouTube page: re-imagining songs as an attempt to bring in music from each of our influences (as well as music that is nostalgic for us) and give them the Town Hall treatment. However, other than that, we try to make our influences come through our music much more subtly.

Will you be doing many shows around the time of release? Any other bands you'll be playing with?

Yes! I mentioned that we'll be playing an album release show at Webster Hall's Studio on 4/15, but we'll also be playing a few acoustic shows around the Boston area the weekend of 3/22. Since many of us have a bunch of other musical projects to balance with Town Hall, we're not playing as many shows as we'd like to right around the record release but we're in the middle of figuring out our tour schedule for the Summer now.

At the moment, we're planning on doing one tour as an acoustic trio focusing on playing in much more intimate settings -- house shows, parks, etc. -- to build up excitement for a full-band tour at the end of Summer. We're open for suggestions of places to play and people to play with, so feel free to reach out to us at if you want us to play in your backyard or your Bar Mitzvah or something!

We don't have all of the support lined up for our upcoming shows, but we've had the privilege of playing with some of our favorite NYC bands over the past year -- In One Wind, The Relatives, Flearoy, & many more -- & I'm sure you'll catch us with one (if not all) of those bands again in the coming months.

Windowseat - Moonbird

Indie Folk. Wolves is a little more Hardcore, but otherwise Folk/Indie Folk. I really like it. A little sad.

+/- (plus/minus) - S/T EP

Experimental Hardcore on the way to mathcore-dom. It's not bad.

CityCop. - The Hope In Forgiving & Giving Up Hope

Sad and pretty good Post-Hardcore/Alt. Rock with a bit of Emo influence. Fairly varied in sound. His screaming isn't great, but it's mostly clean singing and clean guitars.

You Blew It! - The Past In Present

Sad Alternative Rock/Emo which reminds me of American Football a little bit.

Dikembe - Chicago Bowls

Alternative Rock/Emo which is all nice and stuff.

Mustapha Mond - Keeping Secrets

Chilled Trip-Hop. Not as good as RHR, but still pretty good.

Dodecahedron - S/T

Avant-garde Black Metal/Fuckingevilcore. FUCK ME THIS IS GOOD. CAPS LOCK. Seriously: DL this, and listen to it in a dark room. To give you an idea of good I thought it was...

Very dissonant in places, and some of the tracks here are horrifying... the climax on one of the tracks is scary as fook. Only a couple of tracks streaming from the official site, but just Mediafire it. For fans of DsO.

Timmy Jacks Off - Fear and Trembling The Sickness Unto Death

First of all: to any artists who want their music shared here, the above is what I do when I still need some artwork. Second of all, this is some very nice Ambient. Quite repetitive at times, and instruments involved too. Really pretty sometimes, really uncomfortable other times, though not in a Dark Ambient kind of way. Have a butchers: it'll be worth your while.

Electric Sheep - Sunshine

I don't like this. But I do. My brain tells me this isn't something I like, but it makes me smile. The guy on /mu/ who showed me it said I wouldn't like it, but they're just one of those bands that are totally irresistible. Lofi Pop-Rock that's a little solemn.

Golíat & Dead in Montana - Golíat & Dead in Montana Split

Golíat are Post Hardcore with a little Atmospheric Sludge influence. Dead in Montana are all out Sludge. The vocals for DiM are at first too abrasive and totally unintelligible but ultimately it works. Production isn't amazing here.

Sleestak - Altrusian Moon - A Lo​-​Fi Collection Of Psychedelia and Space Rock

See the album title. Can also be filed under Post Rock.

Hexis - XI

Blackened Hardcore/Sludge in the same vein as French band Celeste. Eviler than most Black Metal, and just a general headache, albeit an enjoyable one. They also have an EP out.

Obolus - Lament

Black Metal. Atmospheric at times. Pretty good!

Haskel - Bottles & Boxcars EP

Hip-Hop/Rap with a Bluesy twist. I like it. I also like that unlike a large amount of rap, he doesn't rap about how huge his cock is, or how many women he shags.

Shakey Graves - Roll The Bones

Bluegrassy Folk. Eh, it's alright. Something to make you smile to on a gloomy morning.

uncertain - æther: musick for moths

Dark Ambient... This is quite... haunting. I can only describe how it sounds as "utterly alone". This is really sad.

Fish Tank - Henry EP

Alternative Rock. More linear song structures, lots going on but subtly. Pretty good!

Them Representatives - 3rd Grade Jazz Standards

Jazz. Heavy sax presence.

I Speak In Calculus - The Past

Progressive Metal HURR Progressive Metalcore with a lot of Mathcore influence which is a little reminiscent of Psyopus when it comes up. Holypoopers this is good. WARNING: very wanky.

Glowhouse - One album, one remix album and an EP.

Slowcore/Post Rock with a lot of ambience, and also some Electronic influence. Quite depressive, and pretty slow.

Fockstrot - The Fondue EP

Indie Folk. LISTEN TO IT.

Fockstrot - Not Nebraska EP

Indie Folk with pianos and all sorts. Short, but I really enjoy this... each song sounds like it could be by a different musician, and the way it's a little lofi just makes it... fuck... it's good. When I first saw the four tracks and how short they were, I kind of said to myself "I can't fill this!" But dammit, I can. This really is a case of quality over quantity. It sounds like the artwork.

James Leech - Good Morning, Powerlines

Folk. This made me smile.

The End Times Spasm Band - #2

>swing jazz

Odjbox - Swamp Stomp E.P.

I know: shite artwork, but the moosick is good. Some rapping, but it is mostly good and pure Electroswing.

Dungeons & DJ's - Feed Villain Swing

Electroswing/IDM. Shizz is awesome.