WXYZ - Hedonist, Contrarian

Is it a faux pas to post my own music? Fuck it, it's all about not giving a fuck anyway.

WXYZ is an offshoot of my electronic project Weapon Y/Z. I've got two short EPs out with a total length of about 5 minutes between them. It's noisy, short, and I yell a lot. Check it out or don't, clearly I don't give a shit.

Kitcalibur - D.FREQ.CRUSH

 All you really need to know.

The Water Fox - Elk & The Underground Bull Riding Association

incredible mathcore/ experimental grindcore 
reminds me a little bit off The Number Twelve Looks Like You, they have realeased one album and one ep (which is free downloadable on bandcamp)

Burn Everything - Hollow Victory 7"

Hardcore/Mathcore fellows Burn Everything have a new 7" out: digital download available from http://burneverything.bandcamp.com/ and can be purchased from Bigcartel. For those of you who don't know, these guys have two previous albums available for free download, and I especially recommend Last Run Through The Ruins. As I said in the last post I shared these guys in, the music sounds like the band name.

First of all, the vocals are much better than previous releases. I'm not saying his voice is totally out there, but it's a marked improvement. Instrumentally, tremoloing is less frequent, and the album seems much more rhythmically defined than previous ones. They manage to move between different parts of the tracks with ease: doesn't sound like much I know, but considering they really mix up the progressions they use, they keep themselves sounding fresh and interesting without getting boring or needlessly linear. The drums do a good job at holding it together too. Though BE aren't massively technical, the drums have a very natural sound (shitty description, I know) to them, and rather than going that bit more techy, he just keeps it all together, and for the better too. Sadly, the bass does a lot too. Though there are some more technical and individual bits here and there the bass just follows the guitar for much of it, and despite how well it works, to a seasoned listener it's fucking boring. I'd like to hear it go further as the bass presence this band has is great. Everything is EQed to be very bassy, and the lower end presence could be manipulated in some interesting ways if they chose to dip their toe into the pool of crazy avant-garde weirdness. But, I could say that about most of the bands I like.

The Ghost Servant - RAGE (In Relation to Living)

The Ghost Servant's new EP is a rather experimental version of digital hardcore that manages to be quite ambient while still retaining the loud and angry electronic sound of DHC. Totally unique. Never stop raging.

Hintergrund - Signal Blaster

"Hintergrund is a Columbus, Ohio duo of Brian Sopher and Tyler Thompson who make sounds and noises on synths, guitars, computers, karaoke mics, feedback loops, and sometimes their voices, pulling them from their contexts to create looping, droning, static-ridden art."

Shy Guy Says - Sucraphrenia

I didn't blog this for a while because I hadn't given it a proper listen. Now that I have, you best DL this. Excellent musicianship and very atmospheric.

Ghibli - 2011

He calls it Funky House. It's pretty fucking good!

Scarlet - Scarlet EP

Alt. Rock influenced by a lot of Math Rock like TTNG and Tera Melos. Only had a little listen but it's well worth a listen/DL.

Basick Records 2012 sampler

Here is a sampler of Progressive Metal/Mathcore label Basick Records. Home of Chimp Spanner and Ion Dissonance.

Verbosa - 2 EPs

Alt Rock/Emo. A little generic at times but I like it.

Recreant - Snakes And Vultures

Recreant from Florida call their genre "swampcore," which sounds like a blend of screamo, crust punk and metal, also with a violin. These songs are tight.

Loather - Fracture

Sweet hardcore from my hometown. Dense and loud.

New Contributer - Ry / Yoseidon

Hey everyone. I'm Ry, I make instrumental sample-based music under the name Yoseidon http://yoseidonmusic.bandcamp.com/ and enjoy a broad range of music. Like anyone else on the internet I enjoy discovering new music from all over the world, especially if I can get a taste of it for free. I'm going to be contributing to this review semi-regularly from now on, so let's get started.

First a band from my city, Perth WA; Louis and the Honkytonk. Energetic blues rock for dancing, and for livening up your blood. I think I'm right in saying that there'll be new recordings soon, so keep an eye out.

And as a second contribution, NΣΣT. Self-described as 'Electric Wave' (I hate having to talk genres), NΣΣT brings anime samples and big beats that keep you on your toes.

Black Cat Zoot - No Swinging In Your Walking

Patron Saint of Bridge Burners - Sorry.

Indie Folk. Depressing as hell.

Mola Mola Records

A DIY record label which covers artists in Yorkshire, genres being "whatever takes their fancy." Some pretty good stuff here.

Exemption - Public Cemetery Party

Progressive Rock/Post Hardcore/everyonehifivingeveryonecore. This is ridiculously happy music like Fang Island or Danananakroyd, but more metal influenced. VERY experimental.

Igneous Creations - Hermatite

It's labeled as "Geographical Disco".

Town Hall - Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby

"In honor of the first day of Spring tomorrow, we went extra folky with a rendition of "Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby" by Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris, and Gillian Welch from the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack." - Town Hall

Booty Thrill - Thrillwave

Now don't let the name fool you.. Nevermind, it is what it looks like. smooth

Yoseidon - Yoga Fire

One track and a demo EP. Instrumental Hip-Hop which uses a lot of samples. This guy is just beginning, but I see enough promise in him to recommend him.

Tortilla Pass - Spirrows

It's not something I could specify. it is very cool, in the sense that it has a relaxing tone, and is well, relaxing. it is definitely a must have if you are into Electronica.


Adrift For Days - The Lunar Maria

Asdfghjnhbogdougd. This is Stoner Doom/Drone Metal. Not something I'm familiar with, but I like it.

LapFox Trax Records

Electronic music of various genres, all done by one guy: genre is determined by the fictional anthropomorphic character who has "written" the album. Lots of Techno here, guys.

Deer People - S/T EP

Folktronica/Alt. Rock.

New Orleans Swim Team - To Be Something, To Be Anything

Violins... guitars... spoken word... this is sad.

Aussitôt Mort - Montuenga

Screamo. Just fucking listen. This is brilliant, and I've only heard 2 tracks on the album.

Behind Sapphire - Diamonds

Experimental/Alternative Rock. Vocalist uses auto tune like a boss, and this is just generally brilliant.

Distitution - Rush Less

Instrumental Hip-Hop. I hate to use the phrase "chilled out" because it sounds so wankerish, but this is very chilled out despite actually being quite "alive". Very atmospheric and he seems to keep the ambiance settled in well, even when more layers that would usually interrupt it are present.

/vauge and poor description of the music

Ruined Machines - Pressure & Obsession

Progressive Rock. Holy shit this is good.

Blue Infinite - Phaedrus

70 minutes of very varied Ambient. Just listen.

UG Community Archive

Ultimate Guitar is primarily a site for guitar tablature, but there are forums with a lot of creative people. I've been compiling the Bandcamps and Soundclouds of some of the users. Some of this is meh, some of it is professionally recorded. If you want some bands to sift through, take a look. There's 30-40 artists here. Filed under Record Label for the sake of argument.

Daydream Anatomy

Melodic Death Metal

Martian Sawdust

Craterfoot - Do You Think I Got the Goods, Princess?

Wow, Math Rock that shows technical proficiency without ejaculating all over the studio walls. This is pretty enjoyable. Instrumental, but that's good in this case. Makes good use of dissonant bits here and there, and the tapping kind of reminds me of something Six Gallery might do.

Cut Records


Lots of free stuff. Dubstep, mainly.

Matt Jones & the Reconstruction - Half Poison, Half Pure

Alternative Rock/Indie Folk with influences ranging from Ragtime to circus music, so Cabaret fans will appreciate this.

Speakerbot - I dream in ones and zeros

Ever since I heard Hug - Heroes, I've been getting into Techno: mainly the minimal stuff. Here is some more. HURRR

Okay, so after learning a little more about electronic genres, this seems to be  closer to House. 

Sigmafly - Tetrachrome

Dubstep (don't worry not that brostep stuff or whatever you modern whippersnappers are calling it). As I lie on my bed blogging this at 10pm and feeling despondent and miserable, I feel I could be on a far away island listening to this. Hopefully not an island with pirates.

Lapfox/The Quick Brown Fox - Brutal Rhythm Rider

Happy Hardcore Techno/Speedcore. Terrible, but kind of addictive.

Town Portal - Vacuum Horror


Instrumental Math Rock/Sludge. More of a Hardcore influence on this than the usual twinkly Math Rock bands.

Knife City - S/T

Chiptune which uses a lot of Gameboy sounds. It's good!

So Much Light - Finals Week

Math Rock/Pop from the guitarist of The Speed Of Sound In Seawater.

m∆lib - ∆∆∆

Jazz-Hop. Haven't given it much of a listen, I confess, but it sounds alright!