jordaan mason and the horse museum - divorce lawyers i shaved my head

>obscure folk telling the story of a failed marriage through sexual ventures of horses with confused genders.

Jake Xingu - Please Don't Sing Along

Bizarre live recording of Greenville, SC synthpop artist/provocative interpretative dancer Jake Xingu. Pretty much the only thing better than this album was being at the show.

Dissocociative Children - Discography

Noise + Breakcore. Offers his stuff for free.


Punk/Everyonehifivingeveryonecore. Quite experimental at times. Fucking brilliant!

Maranatha - Incarnate EP


Serocs - So On And So Forth

Instrumental Technical Death Metal. Good for the morning commute.

Crywank - Narcissist On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown

"I recorded this album in my parents dining room. Most of the songs on this album are the first take of me trying to record them (some needed a few more takes as I messed up my first attempts) and so it’s riddled with mistakes, but hopefully you can forgive that. Where my first album was tied to the topic of dealing with a breakup, this album has less of a definate focus. Most of the songs are about coping with and deconstructing my sadness, some are about odd things that happened in my past, and others are just about people and scenes. They where mostly fueled by stupid dark thoughts, and through songwriting I’ve tried to get past them. I’m not signed to any labels, I don’t pay for any adverts or send out any press releases to magazines, so hopefully if you do enjoy my album, please blog about it, reblog it, play it to a friend, or post it on a forum or anything. I don’t want any money for my music, just for it to reach as many people as are willing to listen. I’d like to thank my friends Joseph Thorpe for recording me, and Daniel Watson for his incredible artwork ( check out his blog for more art)"

Crywank - Narcissist On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown (2012)

Enter Shikari demos/early work

If any of you are into ES, this is their earliest work.

Teto Parvanov - Amalgamation EP

A mix of Jazz fusion, Trip-Hop and a little bit of Alt. Rock. Chilled as fook.

Quote Unquote Records

All this free music! Bomb The Music Industry is especially good.

Cartonbox - Demo

Electronic influenced Post Rock. They put this up on MF for free ages ago, and haven't put anything else up since. Shame, because they're excellent. For fans of Faunts electronic influenced stuff. Small share, again: 6 tracks, and there isn't really an order to them.

Hugo Ball (Performed by Trio Exvoco) - Futura Poesia Sonora

This is only really worth listening to if you like weird shit/obscure stuff. It's essentially spoken word, but with weird vocal sounds rather than words. Supposedly recorded ~1916. About 10 minutes long.

Vresh Records

Electronic moosick. Lots of free shizz. Enjoy.

Ă„nimal - But First Of All

Fucking brilliant Future Garage.

෴ - Lichen EP

Electronic. Just listen.

You and I - discography


Gatherer - Postcards

Poast Hardkor

Yellow Tears - The Pissmop LP

Noise/Harsh Noise. Occasional samples of people screaming. Love it. EDIT: this would also qualify for musique concrete.

LAKE R▲DIO - Planet Earth About To Be Recycled

Witch House.

Twenty Six - This Skin Is Rust

Hard to find. Post Rock/Ambient/Noise. Goes between them rather than blending them, for the most part. I recommend.


Jazz-Hop. Enjoy!

Chaz Knapp - Analouge I

Very ambient/atmospheric Folk/Indie Folk. I'm liking this a lot. Pianos, cellos, guitars, subtle nature recordings at times. It's good.

Clockwork Carousel - Horns Of War

Folk. Just listen to it.

Hope and Social - Cotton Wool and Knotted Wood

Alternative Rock with a bit of a folky twist at times. Not necessarily the most original band in the world, but pretty enjoyable! All of their work is pay what you want, so go nuts.

Yellow Swans- Draught Yellow Swans

Lovely noise, with peculiar guest appearances: exquisite monologue by the vocalist of The Dead Science & hysterical somethings by the vocalist of Inca Ore.

Amplifier - Fractal EP

Progressive Rock. Their latest effort "The Octopus" has had rave reviews, and this may help get you into them.