In the Aeroplane Over the Sea II: Electric Boogaloo

Fuck it: this shit is getting cataloged.

Neutral Bling Hotel - In My G4 Over Da Sea

So I go on /mu/ directly after posting (see previous post) and this fucking comes up! Mashup Hip-Hop/Rap. I'm not a fan, but the kids like it.

Mental Crutch - From The Aeroplane, Over The Sea


"Psychedelic Noise Punk". So weird it's kinda interesting.

Nathan K. - Dinners Album Preview

Thanks to Joyce for showing me this guy: Indie Folk is the name of the game here. This is a preview of his upcoming album Dishes. Have a listen!


He has a couple of albums out for free on Bandcamp: have a listen!

Have A Nice Life - Time Of Land

>implying you don't know these guys. Shoegaze/Experimental Rock.

Magiclantern - Swing While You're Winning

Electroswing. This is just below Caravan Palace: some of the best stuff I've heard in a long time. Keeps you interested.

Hellbender - Discography

Psychedelic Rock/Stoner Rock. Lofi.

sleepmakeswaves - in today already walks tomorrow

Didn't realise this was up for free download. This is what got me into Post Rock. A great EP.

New Dark Age - Producing...

I got another submission: remember to include info about yourself/your project, as it'll probably be better than the shitty description I can muster up to evaluate an artist.

"...A 10 track compilation of tracks that I've produced, mostly tracks that other artists appear on (as i produced the track for their own release) with some instrumentals and 2 remixes. It's pretty much all hip hop besides some electronic elements in some tracks, and a combination of tracks involving samples and some completely original. 

It features upcoming and underground artists like rappers Sey and A Problem Like Maria and remixes of artists Labrinth and Ja Rule and some of my favourite beats I produced that appeared on old beattapes. The album is a free download.

The album/mixtape is available for streaming and download here:

I uploaded my favourite track from the album to soundcloud for streaming/embedding, this might be what you want to check out first: " - David.

Enablers - Tundra

2nd wave Post Rock/Experimental rock with spoken vocals. Earlier work worships Slint, but they have developed a sound that surpasses them (in my opinion: don't get pissy). This isn't their best work, but it's great insight into the band and their general style.

Kiosk - Triple Distilled

A middle-eastern (Iranian IIRC) Gypsy Jazz band which was censored in their homeland, and banned from performing for reasons beyond logical sense. They moved to the US, and released a lot of albums. Very good.

La Gargote - Sans Raisons

French traditional/Swing Jazz. Awesome album.

ITAOTS @ 8kbps

I Walk Down The Beaten Path, As The Clouds Continue Their Song... Crash... And The… - The Ocean Beats On As My Heart Tears From My Chest And Voices Utter To Nothingness Scantily …

>tfw I can't find a hi-res copy of the artwork
ARTIST: I Walk Down The Beaten Path, As The Clouds Continue Their Song… Crash… And The Rain Falls On But Victory Is In My Eye - The Blue Pulls Down, Soft, Yet I Strive Forth In Search Of Light, Towards The Neverending Struggle Of Indecent Deception Of Morality And Commerce

ALBUM: The Ocean Beats On As My Heart Tears From My Chest And Voices Utter To Nothingness Scantily , The Aural Deviations Do Wither In Comparison To A Beatiful Summer’s Eve In Holland, During The Festival Of Silence Streaming Gently By As Neon Lights Flash And The Homeless Pray In The Street For Forgiveness From A God Whose Only Purpose Is Cremation Of The Unwilling What Tool Can Fix The Tool Built Not By Man, The Eternal Question Divisible Only By Sepia Trapped In A Cell Of Perpetual Motion Machines, With No Doors, Windows, Or Wallets, They Deliberate And Confiscate The Singular Depiction Gives Way To A Plethora Of Misanthropic Activities By Way Of Candlelight Shunned By Most Id This Is My Punk Rock: Broken Dreams Elaborated Upon The Wasteland Of Desparation And Solitude I Don’t Want To Go To Heaven, The Blind Boys Echo Sadly Despite The Chorus Of Wolves 54 6e 65 74 6e 69 20 44 61 62 20 48 74 69 77 20 53 6c 72 69 67 20 45 6c 74 74 69 6c 20 47 6e 69 65 79 65 20 48 63 6e 65 62 20 4b 72 61 70 20 41 20 4e 6f 20 47 6e 69 74 74 69 73 The Missing R Decries Your True Intentions While Subperiosity

The sad thing is, it's actually a good album, despite the incredibly pretentious vibe it gives off. Experimental electronic/3deep5u.

Sunn 0))) & Boris - Altar

Drone Doom/Post Rock. Better than both bands alone.

Wreck And Reference - No Youth

Experimental Doom. Very droney. Very unsettling.

Anna Coralie - Drama

Sludgey, sludgey, sludge. Atmospheric Sludge. A little Post Hardcore too.

C-Jeff - Preschtale

Sorry it's been so long since I reviewed, guys. Life got in the way and stuff. Nevertheless, today I came across this album, I just had to tell you about. May I present to you...

Well this is an amazing piece of music. I refrain from giving it a genre due to the fact that it derives from so many places. The nearest I would go is "Progressive Electronica". This epic piece of music takes you on a journey through uncharted territories, both in terms of imagery and the music itself.

Professor Elemental - The Indifference Engine

What if an excessive British stereotype met Hip-Hop and steampunk technology? Well, here you have it. Insightful lyrics such as 

"And a drip for my urges might verge on perverted
But for earthy brown tea, I'm certain it's worth it!
With Sherpas who work herds and use a fresh fountain
I've discerned brews from Peruvian mountains"

make this excellent album a perfect example of funny-as-fuck Chap-Hop.

Collin Olan - Rec01

Two waterproof microphones were placed in a roughly 10" x 10" block of ice and the thawing process was recorded.

Crash Of Rhinos - Distal

Math Rock/Emo.

Arcadia - Someone Told Me Seven Years Is A Long Time

Pop Punk with a little twinkliness. Lots of "feels", if you will.

Old Gray - Do I Dare Disturb The Universe

Emocore. The demo is Midwestern Emo. I really like this stuff.

Brother Bear - Head In The Clouds

Screamo/Emotive Hardcore. A little twinkly in places.

Heisenberg - Immaginarie Linee Matematiche Tra Cielo e Terra

Emotive Hardcore/Post Hardcore. Not bad... very atmospheric; almost to the point where you'd think they were into Post Rock.

Apart - Gray Light

Really good Emocore. Loving this.

Adam Robertson - Thrilled

Stand up comedy. Just listen.

Taking Juno

Melodious centre which is solid. melodic hardcore

Mylets - Colossal Grin

Experimental Rock. Makes me think of Battles at times. Really, really good!

Cory Johnson - The Legend Of Zelda

>Zelda themed Post Rock

Kantelian - Avoid

>AMAZING breakcore, IDM and glitch, we're talking a match for Venetian Snares right here. First album is limited to 40 copies

Locrian - The Crystal World

"The Crystal World is Locrian's essential release, finding the band creating a sound all of their own. A sound that evades simplistic analogies to black metal, power-electronics, noise, or other categories. This is the album that will stun fans of the bands previous works with how far the group has come from their early releases."

Art As Catharsis Sampler

I've spent a lot of hours on this project this year. I really wanted to draw attention to some our country's awesome fuzzy, droney, drug-addled groups, that perhaps don't get the attention they deserve - especially outside of Australia - because the reality is we can boast some of the most unique and varied slow music of any country. 

So I set off with intent to pull together some of my favourite artists in Australia's stoner, sludge, doom and drone scenes in order to get more people to discover great Australian underground music. But I was a little naive of quite how long it would take me!

The hard work paid off in the end. Drone form the Underside of the Earth features a selection of 26 tracks. This is a rare, eye-opening peek into Australia's rich underground music scene. At 3-and-a-half hours in length it's quite a ride, but I sincerely hope that you at least discover a few new bands as a result of this work.

Love and drone,

- Lachlan.

the snapping of whips, the whipping of flags - Discography

A large collection of ambient isolationism and noise. Enjoy.

A Problem Like Maria - 99 Problems and Maria is 1

This isn't usually my thing, but it might float your boat so I see no reason not to share it. It's experimental Hip-Hop/Rap with a female vocalist. Slightly poppy and a little Jazz influence. Lyrics are better than the flow, but something keeps me listening to it. There's a lot of room for dynamics here and that makes the tracks I've heard work really well when a climax or "big section" comes along. She also avoids talking about how great she is reasonably well, though she could tone it down at times.

Lions - MTNZ

Another share from Kazz Wazz.

>I'm bad with describing stuff like this, but think math-ish rock a la Perch Patchwork with the dude from Taking Back Sunday as the vocalist rather than Dave Davison. ... It's a lot more enjoyable than that sounds.

This is good... Feels everywhere.

Los Blenders - Ah-Oh

Got an email from a fellow /mu/tant. Thanks to Kazz Wazz.

>Some noisy surf outfit. Only a couple of tracks but it's crazy good romp, I couldn't sit down listening to Ah Oh. The Oye EP is a lot more toned down, but it's still free and still a decent listen. The gem is Ah Oh, though.

The Hai - In And Out

I was going to write something, but the writer summed it up pretty well. Enjoy!

"In and Out" is a compilation featuring original sex-themed music presented by the Hai, a collective made up of musicians from different parts of the world. We can be found here:

Artists featured in the album include New Motive Power from Brazil; Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack, Stratosfear, MaximilliaN and Rekapper from the United States; Blingley and Somnitone from Finland; Snailhead, Flying Batteries and KLV from the United Kingdom; mattir from Germany; and A Problem Like Maria from the Philippines."

Have some punk.

Killer Eskimos! - May I Take Your Hat Sir?

Isnturmentul mayth rawk

Ananta - Inside My Room, Watching The Rain

"One day I was sitting in my room, watching the rain through the window. It was late afternoon, quite dark around. The drops were hitting the glass from the outside - for me it was only a rumbling. I also heard a subtle drone but I couldn't think a way where it comes from. There should be only silence around but I still heard these drones. Was it in my head? One important thing: that rain lasted four hours. Fot this whole time I was sitting there, looking, listening. Apart from anything I grew to love all this, as it was a serene feeling. And so I wanted You too be able to feel it. To dive into this stillness of subtle changes. To let the time stop in Your head when You allow melancholy to rule over Yourself."

We Can't Enjoy Ourselves- One Belongs Here More Than You

It's near exactly The Smiths in a parallel universe, differentiated by cheerfulness and romancing girls.  Album and stand alone single.

Cum Function - Discography

Enjoy some Harsh Noise. Bought a CD or two from this guy.

Mascara Hera - Cape

Have some downtempo/ambient/triphop etc.

Iraan - New Rumours Of War

Ambient Isolationism/Ambient. Enjoy. :)

Weatherer - Your A Bottomfeeder Harry!

Post Hardcore with a lot of emo influence and clean vocals. Fairly original, and potential to be something out there.  I recommend. Hopefully they'll release more.

Wih'lo - Wasted

Future Garage.

Digression Assasains - Alpha & Omega

Have some Progressive Hardcore/Mathcore.

Clockwork Carousel - New Demo

Balkan Folk.

This demo track was recorded by Josh Marchant between the first and the fourth of May on an old and terribly fragmented laptop, hence the slight audio glitches now and again. It took four days to record due to excessive laziness and the inability to focus on anything for more than five minutes. It was then mixed and mastered by my cat who told me with utmost confidence that she had a PHD in music. Don't worry, she was promptly fired after I listened to this mess.

Oddline - Home

Giant Octopus - Big Blue Dreams And Salty Stories

Indie Folk with a really... dreamy... feel to it. Quite upbeat.