Ruined Machines - Mercury

"The second release in the Celestial Bodies series, a 12-month galactic collaboration between Ruined Machines and artist Michal Brodka spanning the entire Solar System and beyond. 
"We knew the second chapter in the Celestial Bodies series had to live up to the potential that "The Sun" had set (no pun intended) about a month ago. We think we exceeded our own expectations on this, especially given the short amount of time we had to make it come to life. We hope you enjoy "Mercury" as much as we enjoyed creating it."

The Oh Hello's - Self Titled EP Review

The Oh Hello's cover art

There is a certain space in our hearts reserved for those moments of aching beauty that can calm our minds and illicit feelings of bittersweet nostalgia for the longings of yesteryear. With but four powerfully conceived songs the Oh Hello's have found such a space in my heart and built a little home there.

This EP chronicles the musing affections of youth in its confrontation with future possibilities and past transgressions. The opener, "Hello My Old Heart" relates what many may feel in the transitional period from one relationship to another and the apprehension that comes with knowing ones own emotional fragility. The song reflects this, beginning softly and slowly and building to a joyful, harmonious, introspective romp. 
The next song, "Lay Me Down", really shows off the brother/sister harmonies of the Oh Hello's' Heath siblings. This is a swiftly moving, upbeat lament for the inevitability of death, celebrating life and the fraternal condition. The song closes gorgeously: "And when you lay me down you'll only bury bones, cause oh my heart and soul are going home". This strikes a wondrous tone that recalls lost loved ones and the memories they leave behind.
"Cold is the Night" comes next, and is tied for my favorite song on the album. Again the brother/sister harmonies are present, but they take precise turns singing lead and telling their own parts of this lonesome story. The song speaks of crippling apathy and long hours spent alone in longing for companionship. While belabored by melancholy and softer compared to the rest of the EP, this song still keeps with the uplifting undertone of the work as a whole...
...Leading to the last track and quite possibly my favorite of the album. "Climbing Trees" is an adventure from start to finish and brandishes all the beautiful swords the Oh Hello's have been crafting on their forge of exuberance. It takes me back to a portion of my childhood spent climbing the gigantic magnolias around my great Aunt's home, feeling the sun and the wind as I edged toward the peak of one of the friendly giants. I could never make it to the top of those trees now for fear of breaking limbs or losing my nerve, having settled on the ground as we tend to do when youth is left behind.
"Heartache pales in comparison to love..."

Support these two if you can, they are due for a full length soon.

Echthros - Iyov

I came across this project when looking at the Polish label which houses Merkabah. Echthros mix dark ambient and drone doom. That's not all. At first, it's easy to think this is just an ambient album due to the very sparse use of guitars, but they do come in later. What separates this from most music - to me, at least - is that is mixes drone doom, dark ambient, spoken word and choral singing. And I don't mean like Sunn O)))'s My Wall, with those asinine lyrics which totally ruin the atmosphere: this guy has a deep, solemn voice which is driven by depressive poetry about various subjects of suffering and struggle. Iyov starts with a field recording of rain; slowly moving into a atmospheric soundscape. It certainly sets the mood for the rest of the album. From there, solo choral singing comes in, and then the album dedicates itself to various different motifs such as Opponent; which has a long, spoken word passage. Overall, this album is both experimental and fascinating. Listen to it. Listen to it now.

Your Neighbor The Liar - Welcome to a life of insecurity and paralyzing self​-​doubt.

Emo along the lines of Joie De Vivre. Twinkly. Why are you not listening to this solely because of that title?

Equal Minds Theory - Equal Minds Theory

Grindy Mathcore. :3

^_^ xoxoxox

Reighbeau - Friends

Alternative Rock/Slowcore. I'm liking this.

Adrift For Days - Come Midnight Review

Adrift For Days have been a favourite of mine for some time due to their excellent debut The Lunar Maria. The unique blend of Stoner Metal, Doom, Sludge and Drone Doom  gives Adrift for Days a creative license that a lot of other bands like them lack. Listening to the album, the first impression I get is that they've managed to surpass their debut. Come Midnight follows the same formula but this time round they have captured the emotion of The Lunar Maria and pushed it forwards. I also notice a definite use of drones being much more prominent in this album; particularly on Eyes Look Down From Above, where the guitar tone is this fantastic sludgey, fuzzy mess complimented by the lead guitar and the vocalist's screams and solemn moans. Like in previous works, Eyes... builds up from a quiet intro into a sudden burst of crushing guitars - which actually surprised me - then complimented by the vocals. It kind of makes me think of Earth's Pentastar, but more doomy and a lot more psychedelic. Amongst the Monster Magnet-esqe clean vocals, the droning rhythm guitars and the feedback holding it all together, the drums hold the tempo and helping transfer from section to section seamlessly over ten to twenty minute tracks.

But what I keep getting drawn back to loving is the tone. It's the fuzz which I've heard many times before, from bands like Boris and Monarch! where the signal is so distorted it becomes gravelly and dry, but the compliment the bass and drums give to each new bar gives it a depth and edge which I almost feel more classical Sludge-drone albums lack. Coupling this sound with depressing lyrics and slow, almost lethargic drum beats raises the bar for other bands in the field.

Some of the vocals are almost put across as spoken word with complimenting backing vocals, such as on House Of Cards; where I'm reminded of chants and religious imagery that comes from that. Long passages of poetry over these atmospheric and almost Post Rocky riffs make that good, but when the chorus is at 60 beats per minute and he's slowly singing "IN THE HOUSE OF CARDS/WILL WE REUNITE?" over that fuzz, only for it to suddenly speed up into this doomy progressive bridge just gives me shivers. They just pack in so much and so many styles without going avant-garde. AFD are, like Celeste and Diablo Swing Orchestra, one of these bands that are clearly original and experimental bit you only really realise it when you pay close attention to it or try to taxonomise it.

Overall, what makes this album for me is the Drone Doom and Post Rock influence it has which the debut had less of. It's much more experimental and a fantastic listen. Though I don't tend to bother with /10's, this is a 9. If you're in Australia, see these guys.

Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack Solves A Problem Like Maria - Decompose

If you heard A Problem Like Maria in the past, I recommend this. It seems to be very ambient-y Trip-Hop with beautiful vocals over it. Incredibly emotional. The sound kind of makes me think of Dream-Pop.

Girlfriends - Girlfriends

Mayth Rawk/Midwestern Emo with electronic elements. Pretty enjoyable.

Hammers - Vardøgr

Angry, angry Hardcore. Very angry and aggressive. Did I mention it's angry?

Intervals - The Space Between

Instrumental Progressive Metalcore. Normally I can't stand the djent influenced stuff, but Intervals sound, to me, like Animals As Leaders if they had a little more atmosphere, didn't obsess over time signatures and stopped the wanking. There is chugging, but I don't think it's unlistenable as they don't try and do it to be techy or mathy. It's never going to get a 7/10, but I'd say the atmosphere this band has elevates them above most Progressive Metal/core.

Future Recordings

Post-rock label's Bandcamp. They've put everything up there for name your price and there's a surprising amount of good stuff there. Pictured is Indian Summer's discog album, Science 1994; an absolute essential screamo/post-rock album that they have put up there.

Earthrise - Eras Lost

>dat artwork
Anyway, this is Sludge meal. The vocalist is great and the guitars go in directions I didn't at first expect.

Municipal Waste / Toxic Holocaust - Toxic Waste

Have some Thrash/Crossover Thrash. Both of these bands should already be in your catalog if you're a meal-cranium. Many thanks to James for alerting me of this.

Brainoil - Death Of This Dry Season STREAM

Ridiculously good Sludge/Hardcore from one of the giants of the scene. Never realised this was on Bandcamp, but I recommend it.

Fire In The Cave - Self Titled

Blackened Sludge/Doom Metal.

Wolves Carry My Name - Amongst Ruins And Ashes

Doom/Sludge Metal. Dem vocals.

Wilds Forlorn - We, The Dammed

Didn't realise this was on B/C. This is a good Atmospheric Black Metal album. Enjoy.

Spaceonaut - Do You Think I Got the Goods, Princess?

Lofi Experimental Rock/Post Rock/Math Rock. Some spoken word sections and all sorts of surprises. Very laid back. I recommend.

Town Hall - Town Hall Plays the Classics, Vol. 1

Fantastic Indie Folk group Town Hall released a compilation of the covers they've done over the last year. Enjoy!

Burn Idols - Theodicy

Burn Idols - Theodicy
>blackened crust / hardcore / sludge

Thanks to >:3 meow hear me !roar1i/t1A for this.

Arcade High - The Art Of Youth

Just came across this on mew. Instrumental Synthpop. It's quite... pretty. I like it. It sounds like the artwork.

Unicornibot - Dalle!

Have some Post Hardcore/Math Rock with the odd bit of dissonance here and there. An interesting record. Quite experimental.

Impia - Impia

Drone Doom.

I'm getting into drone at the moment :3

Cruel Folk - Three New Songs

Traditional English folk written around the concept of the cruel aspects of life and the people in it. Sometimes depressive, sometimes quite tounge in cheek.

"...a Norfolk-based acoustic duo consisting of brothers Sean and Paul Holden. Their musical background, however, is in rock and jazz, Sean having played drums for 25 years (latterly in space-rock band Underground Zero) before “Seeing The Acoustic Light” back in 2001 after a visit to Cambridge Folk Festival. They call themselves Cruel Folk in a bid to reflect the kind of subject-matter (and life-outlook) with which their self-penned original songs are concerned – the dark, doomy and murderous, tales of dramatic historical escapades and suchlike; but although Cruel Folk’s music is atmospheric with a deep sense of folk tradition it’s not always especially dour in nature, and there’s a goodly amount of light and shade in the instrumental textures..." - Folk And Roots

Hydromedusa - Hydromedusa

Another great Stoner Metal group from Australia. This album stood out to me for the repetitive nature of the second track - it feels like it's a natural, smoothly flowing movement to go between the shorter, more aggressive tracks. They have a fairly lofi sound which compliments the album well.

Family Might - Floor Connections

Pop punky midwest emo. One of my AOTYs for 2011 and one of my favourite finds. Family Might capture the unmistakable emotion and bedraggled gracefulness of midwest emo with energetic punk sections and some intimate, yet catchy hooks. The lyrics are largely metaphoric yet identifiable, some great, poetic pieces of lyricism here imo. I really cannot recommend this album enough for both people who are familiar with emo music and newcomers to the genre.

Fockstrot - Coca-Cola

Lofi Indie Folk. This guy is one of my favourite writers so finding this in my inbox made my day. This is slightly different to other releases, but equally as good. I'd recommend you listen to his work chronologically: you can hear his development as an artist despite having released less than an hours material.

Fallen Empire Records

Have a Black Metal label.

Merkabah - A Lament For The Lamb

YES. Merkabah do a mix of Jazzcore and Dark Jazz. The best thing about it is that it isn't the usual tryhard Jazzcore a-la Naked City which puts a lot of people off. This is an excellent record.

Ian Miles - Demos

Incredibly depressing lofi Indie Folk/Singer-Songwritercore. For fans of AJJ and Crywank.

Mahria - Self-Titled

Very aggressive Emocore with female vocals. I enjoyed this quite a lot.

Remotely - Last Rites

This is some good Drone Doom. Quite obviously a concept album. Lots of atmosphere and drums which almost remind me of tribal drumming.

破地獄 Scattered Purgatory - 太虛 Old Universe (demo)

Noise Drone. Interesting... have a listen.

Lost Sphere Project - 3rd Level to Internal Failure

Mathcore with a bit of Death Metal influence. Oh god... it's amazing.

Snowmine - Laminate Pet Animal

Indie-pop with post-rock and electronic influences. This album features some interesting instrumentation including frequent string sections and varied percussion. There are some catchy hooks that encumber atmospheric, reverb drenched guitars and often break into an electro-acoustic style or perhaps into soundscapes of dreamy ambience. This album very rarely has you loosing interest as there always seems to be something new or interesting playing at any given time.

Celeste - Morte(s) Nee(s)

Blackened Hardcore/Sludge. Celeste manage to put most BM to shame by including influence from Hardcore and on the slower tracks, Sludge. Their latest EP is more Hardcore, but it doesn't matter: between belting his voice for 45 minutes and hearing tone clusters smashing your ears to pieces, what keeps these guys interesting is that they run right along the border of so many different genres: they are avant-garde, yet subtly. It's only when you try to tag them that you realise just how different they are. They take influence from Mathcore, Sludge, Hardcore and Black Metal but somehow manage to straddle the genre borders. They go all over the place; bouncing off the walls like a caffeinated rubber ball. Listen to this.

If you like Celeste, listen to Lord Mantis and Hexis.

Le Monsieur - Les Folles Aventures

Punk/Pop Rock. Very upbeat and smiley. Good for the summer!

Caelume - Discography

This lot do Emo. Vocals but they seem to like to have a lot of space and use vocals as more of an instrument.

William Bonney - Good Vibes Review

William Bonney are a twinkly Emocore group from South Bend, Indiana. These guys are on the same sort of sound -and emotional level - as the likes of Merchant Ships (a couple of members are from 'Ships, too), You and I, and American Football. They sound like the artwork, to be blunt. The first track on Good Vibes comes in with quiet clean vocals which are barely audible before exploding into shouts. Musically, they are pretty varied and tracks have enough sections to keep me interested, though they're a million times stronger with the vocals. What really strikes me about Bonney is the lyrics, though: they're very repetitive and very basic in nature, but this seems to work. Being a fan of having pages and pages of poetry over music, this would normally be an irritant to me, but these guys seem to pull it off. Very well. It's how memorable they are and how much you can relate to them;  when coupled with the voice the vocalist has, it will send shivers down your spine: the feeling he has in his voice projects the message the lyrics have even further than an average singer would, and when you have stuff like "I hate everyone that I know/then I wonder/where did my friends go?" screamed at you it is kind of hard to be cold to it. Sadly, these guys only have this EP and a split (both of which are in the link), but here's hoping they put out more.


Spanish Club - Stay Miserable

Twinkly emo/screamo. Very punky - will probably remind you of the bands you listened to when you were 13 at times. The riffs are pretty good, energetic yet emotional. Very reminiscent of early emo bands like Cap'n Jazz.

Aussitôt Mort - Nagykanizsa

Didn't realize this was out: these guys do a mix of Screamo and Post Rock. Atmospheric Screamo? Kind of like what Suffocate For Fuck Sake do. Not massively familiar with Aussitot Mort, but they do pretty good stuff.

The Sky Calls To Us - Orchestrated Industrial Noise

Experimental Rock & Electronic/Progressive Rock. Weird. I like it.

Anwar Louis - inc's Sketchbook

Now, before you judge this guy for being into furry fandom, have a listen. He does Trip-Hop with some other EDM influences, and it sounds pretty good. This was done for a university degree.

Lord Hobo - Lord Hobo's Harmonious Journey

Lofi American Primitivism based solely around harmonicas. This'll put a smile on your face :)  

Irie Method - EP

Okay guys, I'm afraid this is gonna be a kinda plug.

Irie Method is a band that's local to me. They play reggae/ska based indie rock... stuff. Short and sweet and to the point, there's a fair bit of stuff to get your teeth into in the 9 minutes of this EP, noticeably in the mature, self-conscious lyrics by the most immature guy you'll ever meet. Nevertheless, this EP plays somewhat like Vampire Weekend meet the Kooks meet ska. Nothing particularly out there in terms of chords, but some solid playing from all members, and pretty good professional production. Excellent ska and reggae influenced rhythms from guitar, bass and drums add a lot to this record (though sometimes the bass is lost in production, unfortunately). Drums especially are tight, guitar and bass have really got their groove on - see the start of Aunt Valerie. The solo in aforementioned song lives up to the solos I know of Dan, melodic yet full of rhythm and feeling. Melodies are interesting yet catchy. Easy, laid-back and generally chilled, this is a feel-good EP. And for only £1.50 ( roughly $2.50 for you 'mericans), what have you got to lose? Go and buy this EP now!

And look out in future because they have a single/covers compilation coming up real soon, 6 tracks for free. Which is never a bad thing.

Peace out,

Overhead, The Albatross - Lads With Sticks

Instrumental post-rock with some post-hardcore and math-rock influences. Has that full and beautiful sound that is popular in a lot of modern post-rock artists these days. There's some instances of varied instrumentation, such as a few string sections. The harmonies mixed with the impressive use of dynamics in some of the tracks are nothing less than heart-wrenching.

Little Tybee - Hearing Blue at Doppler Studios

>mfw that guitar playing
>a mix of math rock and indie folk

Steam Powered Giraffe - Honeybee Video

Ignore the incredibly shitty steampunk trash and listen to that music. This is beautiful.

Pedalò - Resistenze

Pop Punk from Napoli. Pretty good. Short songs and not always super-spazzy-happy like a lot of Pop Punk.

Henry Bemis Is a Superhero - Five Love Songs To Kill Yourself To

Lo-fi screamo/folk. Sounds like it was recorded by some kid in his bedroom with his guitar and laptop microphone. The levels peak a lot and it gets kind of annoying at times but it's definitely worth enduring it because it really is a great album. Ultimate depressedteenagercore.

Tim Peach - Jepsy Queen: A Tribute to Carly Rae Jepsen

>experimental, noise, tardcore
>This is my own project, I only made it to release this EP I made consisting of 5 different covers (or interpretations) of Carly Rae Jepsen's hit song "Call Me Maybe" and a power electornics tribute to that song. 

>power electronics tribute to that song.