Louis Barrabas - The Bedlam Blog

Well we’re all together again. Setting up the studio, our new home for the next three weeks.
Here we are around the Christmas tree having one last relax before getting started. 

Louis Barrabas and his cast of merry adventurers are recording a new LP (Their most recent release was the EP Memoir Noir) and they are producing a fun little blog to cover its process. Though not yet very far along, there are several great photos of their recording environment and plenty to read about.  Stay tuned for their updates (and a review of the new record on Moosick once it's released!)

Black Cracker - Incisions

I'm yet to give this a full listen but what I am hearing is excellent. It's glitch/"IDM"/EAI from Australia which is very reminiscent of some of Ryoji Ikeda's works. Australia is proving to be a centre for awesome experimental music so check out Art As Catharsis if you're into metal.

Taiga (Iberia) - Taiga

Just a quick note, this is not Fantano's drone project of the same name. This is drone ambient using manipulated guitars and keys. Two listens in and I'm very pleasantly surprised! It's got a very positive air to it, so fans of drone doom like Asva might dig this, and may help you bridge the gap between drone metal and ambient.

Merry Christmas!

Christopher Lee (LOTR, Star Wars) releases heavy metal Christmas songs

Circle Takes The Square - Decompositions​:​ Volume Number One

Famous Screamo outfit CTTS has a new album out, and is currently being offered for free!

Battle Pope vs. Jesus Christ Posse

When I receive emails from artists and labels recommending stuff (which is often difficult to plow through), I have a tendency to have an unintentional level of expectation for quality music: especially if I've had experience with the label in the past. Art As Catharsis - an underground Australian label - have a history of promoting excellent artists like Hydromedusa and Adrift For Days, the latter of which are one of my all time favourites and have consistently released excellent albums. So, naturally, when I got the email for this, I was excited. 

The first half of the split opens with blues-rock/stoner influenced hardcore band Battle Pope. Opening with some foul language and generally singing about random immature shit, they are clearly trying to prove something or at least tell the world that they don't care what others think about them, and are all about crude fun. And I can appreciate that. Sometimes a bit of silliness that's totally based around shit or sex can be amusing, but they've pushed it too far. Maybe I'm being a purist. Maybe I'm not "getting  it" (which based on how dense I am, I'm probably not), but it's lacking in anything to hold on to. JCP , who I will get on to in a mo, have a level of silliness but they  have a good sound as opposed to BP, who are just standing there, waving their genitals at children. On my first listen, I got up to "Fillin' Em Up To The Eyeballz" and turned it off. Mostly because it was a clearly very scripted recording of some Australian teenagers talking about swallowing cum and some guy having a limp one. It's all very contrived and unlike some of the silly stuff I listen to, they're clearly trying to be like this rather than letting it flow and being silly because they want to be. It's kind of like Frankie Boyle improvising stand up and just coming out with lewd insults for the sake of the crowds' slack jaws and offended gasps.

Jesus Christ Posse, on the other hand, have some redeemable features. More traditional hardcore, they may be a carbon copy of other bands in the genre but hey, they do it well. They've got a nice, heavy-ish sound and the silly is there, but not in your face or, indeed, for the sake of being silly. They're also a little more structured in their approach, and though there are some very short tracks (something I dislike) they are very groovy and blend together, though sometimes that's a little disconcerting. Despite my thoughts on BP, JCP are a band well worth your time if you want some fun. I'm always one to criticize in a negative fashion more than I am one to praise, but this split strikes me as something where I wonder what the point of it is. Maybe they're making a mockery of the way the stereotypical atheist behaves but I find it hard to read that deeply into a children's novel. JCP are pretty good and certainly something I'd listen to regardless of the religious aspect (which I feel is played very well), but BP are just embarrassing. And not because I'm a prude or not used to such naughty language: I'm embarrassed for them. I don't know if they read a religious debate on /b/ and then wrote songs about it or if they're still in high school and are just doing this for fun and to let off steam, but they should probably keep this stuff to themselves.

Ten Thousand Miles Of Arteries - Exorsa

An interesting album, this is noise with what you could argue has a little black metal influence. However, it's not particularly pronounced and bar the odd sustained guitar chord progression or, more frequently, some screaming, it leans more towards noise, so I'm unsure whether to call this plain noise or black noise. But I digress. It's captivating but a little odd and I can't help but think of it as a series of sound experiments or a compilation of works rather than something purposefully composed for an album format and while it's certainly good, it lacks coherence or consistency to hold it together or indeed make it tempting to revisit. It's worth listening to but I can't help but find it lacking.

Antlers - Antlers

This is a concept album about some chick with cancer who is a bitch to this nurse or the writer or is it just a metaphor for him being treated like shit? That brings along the question as to why cancer is mentioned perhaps that's a metaphor for her personality slowly destroying some part of her or perhaps the relationship, and then there's Bear so I guess maybe it's in her stomach or at a stretch her colon or maybe she's pregnant and hormones are making her act up it's all very vague and I imagine it'll make you baww your eyes out no matter how you read it.

Okay, yeah. It's a different band. Antlers have this upbeat, fuzzed out alt. rock sound very influenced (I imagine) by bands like Death From Above 1979 and Fang Island. I've been listening to this a lot recently and I'm impressed.

The Cold View - Weeping Winter

Funeral Doom with orchestral instruments in places. Though not the best album, it shows potential and I find the vocals to be very fitting with the guitar progressions. Sometimes the strings feel out of place and just ruin the mood, as does the occasional iffy keyboard tone, but it's good for a debut.

Fauno - Demonstrations

Demonstration cover art 

I wanted to dance with my wife (I'm getting married tomorrow 12/22/12) to "Love Hum Low" during our first dance. Seriously, this Demonstration is an amazing foray into recording for Fauno. Give it a listen, or even better a donation of support. "Alonist" is another standout that builds on itself and communes with the stars of a bygone universe. Just listen...

Monarch! - Mer Morte

In case you hadn't noticed, I like Drone Doom Metal. Monarch! happen to be my favourite in the genre, and I had no idea Crucial Blast had them signed on! This is droning Funeral Doom: stunning and dark, it's an essential release.

Rabbit Hole Revelations - Songs for Broken Ears

Starting off with what I would not expect from RHR, this quickly moves into the smooth sound found in LP. Guitar loops and gentle trip-hoppy beats come in with vocal samples and that classic yet very original laid-back-in-the-sun-on-a-beach sound returns. However, there is a slight edge to it this time round, bringing in a little more "attitude" from traditional hip-hop and some nice synths into it as well as including pitch shifted samples and just a slight pinch of something to get your foot tapping amongst the pretty ambiance which the debut may have lacked. This is also much less predictable. Though it's not using groundbreaking beats or progressions, it brings in instruments I just wouldn't expect to hear and underneath the simple prettiness is actually a great intricacy. Above that I hear slapped bass and what I think are pan-pipes. It's just so damn groovy. Yet simultaneously mellow. In H.U.G Life I hear these chanted vocals and a slightly stereotypically Eastern sound. It hops around genres all the time but does it so well. And the music aside... the production. It's perfectly balanced, and it's what allows the intricate layering to not sound crowded when it is there. The aforementioned synths can sound a little cheesy to me but not in a way which has much negative influence on my opinion of it, and kind of fit, bar the odd chunk of Stilton. I was under the impression that RHR's debut was going to be just that and nothing more, so when I suddenly see there's a followup, I'm overjoyed. I will update this as I listen more and more.


Postdrome - Never Without

I've only given this a brief listen but it's proving to be beautiful. Light noise/drone ambient. Soft static and gentle keys are accompanied by field recordings. Check it out...

Cum Function - True Submissive Suicides

If you're into noise, you may remember me posting Cum Function's work on here a while back. He has recently released a new album! TSS is much more minimal than Cum Function's earlier, more rhythm and free-improv-based sound and has taken on a lot of harsh noise wall influence: focusing on texture instead. As such, this is an album full of gravelly and rumbling static with screeches of feedback and just enough variation to please those who don't want total minimalism. Recommended (obviously).

Obstacles - Oscillate

Oscillate cover art 

Honestly, I've been rather nonplussed with progressive, instrumental, post-rock bands of late. Somehow the noodling, epic experimentations have started to sound too familiar... Obstacles cured me of this sad state by completely blowing my mind. These guys know how to construct some ridiculously complex and surprising tunes. This is their most recent release (I think, but their releases seem out of order) and it is incredible. The EP is name-your-price, but if you feel like it you can shell out a few bucks for their full length (which a massive slab of experimental awesome). 

Music Hates You - Where Did All This Dirt Come From

Where Did All This Dirt Come From cover art 

No holds barred, greasy fuckin' metal. These fellas throw down with a vengeance and their songs are pretty catchy. These guys are from my home town! $3 is a miniscule price to pay for such an awesome album, so go get it and quit wasting your time...

Gordon Withers - Dark Side of the Moon on Cello

Dark Side Of The Moon On Cello cover art 

Gordon Withers recently had a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the release of this record on vinyl. Certainly there have been plenty of tributes to the Dark Side of the Moon, but this might be my favorite. Withers utilizes the full range of the cello to deliver something far greater than a simple tribute record. Here you will find a near note-for-note translation of the classic masterpiece, including many of the sound effects from the original, redone using only a cello! Buy it if you want, but at least give it a solid listen all the way through... I'm sure you'll love it.

Trey The Ruler - Self Titled

Incredibly emotive spoken word. This guy has an intense style to his prose and even goes to screaming at points. GET THIS.

Fulci - Dead Lights|Red Sky

My favourite Drone Doom album. And by that I mean it both is my favourite, and that I've listened to it about 50 times. Get it.

Ruined Machines - Jupiter Review

Jupiter cover art 

Take a moment to absorb the artwork from this most recent Celestial Bodies release. The collaboration between Ruined Machines (Joe Kenyon) and artist Michael Brodka has passed far beyond epic proportions and into the realm of majesty. After seven releases we are past the halfway point, and sadly drifting towards the end of this amazing series. Jupiter is a grand experiment by Kenyon, rewarding the constant listeners with his most ambient and electronic work yet. 
"Act III - Storm" opens with some classic 8 bit aural goodness before sinking lavishly into a soothing drone that continues beneath an X-Filesesque keyboard section. "Io" rises from the silent black, presenting a slow, steady beat beneath playful electronica. Listening to this track I could almost picture the moon rounding the planet's horizon, set before the sun's distant gleam.
"Callisto" bears a similarly fun electronic ramble, infused with synth lines and a rich guitar part. "Ganymede" is the jewel of Jupiter's crown, surfing along its icy orbit, calmly bearing witness to the turbulence beneath. This song is moving in all the right ways, filling you with a warm loneliness. In contrast, "Europa" is the pop star of the group, instantly winning you over with its exuberant weight. Kenyon pushes his distorted guitar tone to great heights, complimenting the electronic beat he's devised with obvious love and care. "Europa" caps this EP off wonderfully, making you yearn to take the journey around the gas giant just one more time before you sink into your dreams.
With Saturn coming in the new year now is the perfect time to reflect on the Celestial Bodes. A project like this might never be realized again, nor executed with such amazing results. So give Ruined Machines your support this holiday season, and welcome them into the new year with open ears...

ORE - Discography

Sorry to disappoint: this is paid for. It's drone doom, but done on tubas. Yeah, I thought that might make you smile. Obviously it can be argued that it's not doom, but in melodic style, much of the work is clearly influenced by the drone doom scene and makes use of drones in a way which bands like Sunn O))) and others use, so I'll market it as such.

Jam Therapy

Psychedelic Rock/Blues Rock. Not mega original but lots of energy and lots of fun. Take a look.

Adrift For Days - We Sold Our Souls On 28​/​07​/​12

Only just seen this. Droning stoner doom from Adrift For Days - a live show. Get it!

Lowercase Noises - Passage

Passage cover art 

Brand new EP from Lowercase Noises. This new work should work itself into your mind easily, focusing on post-rock ambiance using banjos, guitar, various percussion and more. Give it a listen, it's easily worth $5 (or more) and there's a rumor that Lowercase Noises might try to release this one on vinyl!

And in case you missed it, check out Lowercase Noises' previous release covered on Moosick, the incredibly moving Migratory Patterns.

Patron Saint of Bridge Burners - Meteorites

More lofi Indie Folk from the masters of depression.

Dark Sun - A Journey Through Space

A Journey Through Space - Studio Jams 2004-2005 cover art 

Fantastical psychedelic improvisations and acid jams from this awesome space rock outfit. Mostly instrumental, these tracks will certainly take you beyond the terrestrial realm and into the cosmic dimensions of consciousness... This and several other live/studio albums are name-your-price, so there should be plenty here for you to enjoy.

Craig Hughes - Pennies On My Eyes

Graveyard Full Of Blues: Pennies On My Eyes cover art 

One half of a split collection called Graveyard Full of Blues, this side gets down to the gritty business of love, death, violence, and deceit. Craig Hughes sings these blackened blues with a throaty gruffness that is at the same time harsh and tender. 
Give it a listen, and if you're curious, check out the other half from Sleepy Eyes Nelson.

Kublakai - Monster Music


Incredibly intriguing and often uplifting hip hop. The beats on this one are exceedingly well produced and the rhymes are powerful without being pompous or big headed. Certainly there is plenty of bravado, but it's inundated with a genuine harsh honesty that relates the reality of being an independent artist amidst the ineffectual corporate rap game.
Get it...

Yellow Eyes​/​Monument Split

Really raw and impressive Black Metal. Listening to it as I type this. BM isn't a genre I usually listen to, but this is something else. So dramatic and emotive. Take a look.

Charts and Maps - Dead Horse

Kind of mathy Jazz with influence from Math Rock and Prog. Pretty good, from what I'm hearing so far.

Earth - Within The Drone

Pretty self explanatory. Came with the special edition of Hibernaculum.

Nai Harvest - Discography

Some emo. Not the most original, but I'm liking the leads and dual melodies; especially when they're tapped. Worth a lookie.

Mr Oizo - Unreleased Unfinished Unpleasant (2004 / 2012)

Hey all. I've only heard one of Mr Oizo's albums, but it was good! Experimental electronic/House. Check this collection out: free on his site.

Verw├╝stung - Soft Hands, Pale Moon

Droning experimental Atmospheric Black Metal/Shoegaze. For fans of Nadja, for sure. Listening to it now, and it's good!

Hintergrund - Nemesis

Ambient/Noise duo Hintergrund have recently released a new record: Nemesis. Focusing more on the ambient side, the album starts off with droney and fairly relaxing tracks based more around ambient than noise, and inclusion of layered guitars drenched in feedback and delay. As the album progresses, it gets a little more abrasive, but still retains the subtlety vital to making a good noise album. Like Signal Blister, this is an essential addition to any noise fan's collection and is a good example of music transcending the usual connotations of the word and moving into something more exhibitionary. Obviously, I'm biased, but I maintain that you need this in your collection.

Kodiak - s/t

Kodiak do slow Drone/Doom/Ambient. Very repetitive and a focus on a wall of sound.