Samasara Blues Experiment - Waiting For The Flood

Writers of the stunning Long Distance Trip, more colossal stoner rock lays over you.

Marc De Pape - The Chime

An environmental ‘meter’ that translates local acoustic and kinetic data into lush musical compositions, using the physical space as a generative score. 

Bismuth/Undersmile - Split

A split between Bismuth and Undersmile - Britain's best drone/funeral/sludge-doom bands - have released an EP to eat your heart out with.


A particularly good folk album from Slovenia. Excellent stuff.

Elu Of The Nine - .​.​.​Maurerische Trauermusik​.​.​.

Droning funeral doom/noise doom Elu Of The Nine have released their second album; clocking in at two hours long. One track split in two.

The Infinite Three - Medium Term Strategy

Slightly noisy, droning experimental rock that brings in elements from stoner rock and industrial rock.

Low - Just Like Christmas

So this seems appropriate for this time of year...

Behind Sapphire - Jailbirds

More slightly unconventional pop with their classic pushes into other areas, and even a retake of an earlier track of theirs. Excellent vocals as per usual from the man with a voice of velvet.

Lizzard Wizzard

Repetitive doom that's muddy as fuck. Riffs galore amidst slower looming sections. And a hell of a vocalist, to boot!

Gnaw - Horrible Chamber

From members of Khanate, Gnaw releases a new album of noisy industrial doom.

Das Kapital - Grecia

Prog rock with heavy electronic elements and slow beats. Spoken word, to boot.

Mr. Z - επανάληψη

Hip-hop/funk/psych rock. Some sampling of vocals too. Difficult to describe, but rather good. 

The Exploration - Basement Demo

Alt. rock/midwestern emo with spoken vocals. Not hugely original but interesting stuff and rather fun.

Hibernal - The Machine

Prog rock with spoken word interludes to form a progressive storyline told as part audiobook part album, and often inbetween. Not sure if it works. 

Death Grips - Government Plates

They just released this last night! More noise-hop.

Deathdealer. - Soulstealer.

Dual vocals coming from a bass and drum duo. Heavy as shit.

Native Wildlife - A Simple Life, A Quiet Mind

Post-hardcore slightly reminiscent of La Dispute. Quite dissonant at times.

Seaven Teares - Them Bones (Alice In Chains cover)

Experimental rock with a chant element. Excellent stuff.

Crywank - Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday And Everyday Is Stupid

Crywank is fairly self-descriptive anti-folk/folk punk. Earlier albums were pretty good. You'll crank till you crymax.

Kaninchen - Broke Up

Conceptual spoken world EP over indie folk on a nylon stringer. Good stuff - two vocalists.

Houses And Homes - Summer

Incredibly pretty indie folk that sounds like the artwork. His voice is amazing, too.

Gross - Demo

Aggro hardcore punk/powerviolence. Angry shit.

Basilisk - Immortality - Divinity


Bix - The North

Very bass-heavy, electronic, instrumental hip hop. Catchy at times, experimental at times.

Own Road/Urr split

Just got this in an Urr bundle. Own Road play otherworldy folk on this. Urr play looming drone doom. Urr have been a favourite of mine for quite some time, and this doesn't disappoint.

Maestus - Scarlet Lakes

Atmospheric Sludge/Black Metal with some funeral doom here and there. Pessimistic and slow guitar passages which seem to go on forever.

Couleur Dauphin - Un Dauphin Dans Une Tasse

It opens with pretty folk, and then proceeds to jump between genres with repetitve loops and odd sampling.

Locktender - Kafka

Very atmospheric screamo meets post rock. Early releases are more hardcore oriented but this is, despite being a little formulaic at times, interesting!

Waves Crashing Piano Chords

Absolutely blistering harsh noise/power electronics. A favourite.

Alpha Male Tea Party - Real Ale and Model Rail: The Lonely Man's Guide to Not Committing Suicide

Think a heavier, sludgier ASIWYFA but more mathy. Reminds me of Exemption. Very upbeat, major music.

Kinder - Kinder

Post rock with a strong electronic element. Something about this sets it apart from most stuff I hear. Predictable, but done well.

Burden - Homage To The Tube

So yeah, spamming my project once more because this isn't in the archives and I just spammed flyers for the site at a show I went to. I set three tube amps up with guitars tuned to D5 on stands, and let them feed back on each other, occasionally hitting them with drum sticks and stuff. 

Eldest Child - Live Demo 1

Noise. Very enjoyable. Lots of changes, volume swells, and grating timbres.

Kajkyt - II

Describing this isn't the easiest of tasks but in the name of hooking someone while not completely removing any notions of negative qualities the album may hold, this is what would happen if someone wanted to make industrial rock but got caught on one of C93's thorns as they ran hopefully towards Trent Reznor. Opening, a chorus of overtone vocals with just the right amount of reverb: crashing into a droning industrial mess. What sounds like distorted screaming plays over a repeated distorted bass and drums that, well, aren't distorted. As the cover and my blithering suggests, vocals are a huge part of this. I'm reminded of heavier Nine Inch Nails-style dynamics, changes but with smoother, more open, airy vocals. And these give way to manipulated static between each section. Following tracks stay to this theme and give good seven-minute long vocal dirges to wailing guitars and deep, repetitive bass progressions; all over a slow and rather disjointed drum beat. As much as it works, these beats stand out as they would in more typically electronic genres rather than as they might in a dark ambient/drone metal setting, and as such there is a constant - to use the language of a tosspot - contradistinction between the two; something relatively free and balanced moving with the rigidity and more expressed dynamics of the drums. While feedback will stay relatively constant, bass "drum" hits push through with a pulse and almost sound like a sort of punctuation. It allows for a contrast between programmed drums and more natural rock instrument stylings, while also holding the always loose, slow minimal feeling that the other instruments have down. I enjoy this. It's very careful, very precise. Yet it still maintains the balance between something spacious which immerses you, and the punching beats which constantly push you around. It's very noisy in the sense that it won't let me settle, and keeps moving me from one area of musical comfort into another, leaving me feeling a little left in the middle. But I cannot, no matter how much I try, stop hearing the NIN influence. Granted, it's not the only industrial influenced rock act in existence, but as the most prominent one, I keep hearing it, and it's spoiling it for me because at times it feels too close to that; the less aggressive downtempo aspects of the verses Reznor favours played across an entire track.

So, naturally, as I listen on, the next song consists of chimes and booming drums being played seemingly randomly before large gaps of silence bridging low, ominous vocals; a single word between each pause. Before returning to a more structured sound of the former. The influence from Eastern traditional chant is huge, and couldn't sound better. What may feel like a bridge between the slower openers and the more upbeat track that follows is probably more important than both of those. Come to think of it, it reminds me of LDRTFS' Seismik Electrik Magick where they suddenly go all trip-hoppy. But, as I said, Kajkyt then goes FULL REZNOR on me and it's all very underwhelming. Not a copy, by any means, but the grooving guitars have the same sort of phrasing, the more uptempo drums having the same sort of production on them. He seems to favour a slight bridge of acapella singing but by then it's all a bit late and snore. I'd rather not talk about the last two tracks because the basslines alone completely ruined any hope of them having anything worth saying about them. It's a mixed bag. Go in wanting industrial rock with an experimental edge, and you'll be pretty pleased, bar a couple of tracks. Go in wanting what I was wanting, and you'll get something bottom heavy. And not the sort of bottom heavy that makes the rockin' world go round.

Uboa - Jouissance

One of the best drone/atmodoom (is that even a thing?) artists on Bandcamp has just released a follow up release. 2010's Sometimes Light was an exceptional album and a highlight of the year, so this should please. I know I'm looking forward to hearing it....

Cloudkicker - Subsume

Subsume cover art 

Cloudkicker (Ben Sharp) makes a triumphant return with Subsume. Consisting of four tracks, all but one clocking in at over 8 minutes, the album ebbs and flows with all of the intensity and beauty one has come to expect from a Cloudkicker record. Functioning as a conglomerate of Fade's alt-rocking fancy and Cloudkicker's formative work in above-par progressive metal, Subsume is easily one the most challenging albums he's recorded to date. The songs (each with appropriately long post rock names) are complex in both their sonic ferocity and melodic finesse. There is no shortage of amazing riffs on this record and the time signatures on a couple of tracks will knock your block off. Additionally, Sharp's use of the Superior Drummer program is as technically amazing as usual, though I feel Fade exhibited perhaps his most inventive and alluring beats to date.
Long story short, there is no reason you should not listen to this record at least a few times all the way through. By then if you still have not found anything to love then I wish you good luck...

Filthy Turd/Cum Function - Split

The usual over-exaggerated sound filth. Good stuff.

Queen Elephantine - Yatra

Slow, droning psychedelic rock. Some doom at times, too, depending on the album.

Florian Wahl - Naked Souls

Dreamy, slightly hip-hoppy, piano driven, and beautiful winding vocals. And Star Wars samples.

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Cold Spring Records £5 Meltdown

If you're looking for fairly cheap experimental music, this is a good place to look.

Stefanus Strom - This Is iii!

Noise with field recordings. Good stuff.

Shit Triplets - Demo

Shameless self-promotion of me and my friends' demo. Lo-fi post-punky noise rock kinda stuff?

NEW RELEASE: The Speed Of Sound In Seawater - First Contact

Math rock with a huge tinge of pop. Twinkly and friendly. These guys have been consistently enjoyable with earlier works and this has, though a smoother sound, a good one.

Pryapisme - Hyperblast Super Collider

I'll start by saying this was supposed to be reviewed a LONG time ago, but personal issues, forgetfulness and many an other excuse got in the way.

I was somewhat ambivalent towards this release when the video promoting it was meme-ridden irritation. However, seeing as less serious experimental metal is very much the wild card of quality and overall influence, I thought I'd give it a go. It's essentially a mix of "Nintendocore" with different approaches to metal, but mostly progressive metal. From the word go, the album is throwing styles out left and right with varying success (it begins with a hardstyle-esqe beat of all things!). For all intensive purposes, I should loathe this. The effects are obnoxious; the changes unsubtle and jarring. But I am quite liking it. It has some moments I'd be glad without hearing ever again, but from a piano melody overlaid with a synth, a house beat or a tremolo riff, it seems to work in what is the loosest sense of the word. Reminiscent of artists such as Unexpect, Koenjihyakkei, and HORSE the band, cheesy melodies and arpeggiated synth progressions are abound. And while the fusion of genres isn't any more obnoxious than any of the above - taking some of the most obnoxious genres as core influences and somehow not making me cringe too much - it's considerably less refined. While even the most chaotic metal artists have structured songs which return to a theme or at least make the odd anaphora, Pryapisme seem content in making a series of perpetually linear progressions with seldom a return. So much so that I'm thinking of the principle of the eternal return to a new idea each time: repetition born of the concept of there being none.

While it certainly keeps my attention, it lacks finesse. It's a barrage of changes which attempt chaos or looseness but affect something obviously contrived. It's not childish; being more an attempt to take sounds and influences which lack a great amount of depth and forge them into something less digestible and more intricate, but it falls short. I'm reminded of Igorrr's work in use of instrumentation and changes, yet the tension built is never enough. Long, ever-changing progressions wish to build up to a plateau or a peak and a short harmonisation from the guitars is the payoff. Hyperblast Super Collider seems to be an example of progressive metal with a less serious approach ideal for someone looking to hear something busy and unpredictable as an escape from the more almost pretentious areas of the genre which are obsessed with affecting a level of superiority and developedness. It's silly, lacking in cohesion, and will likely elicit a range of reactions from you, and in a good way. If you're from a listening school of no fun allowed: serious, complex music only, you will likely grind your teeth down listening to this.

Under Milkwood - Over It

New EP from lofi spoken word/indie folk artist Under Milkwood. The debut, Do Not, was impressive. Check this out...

Boyfrndz - Natures

Natures cover art 

Caught this band in my hometown last night, on tour from Austin, Texas. These gentlemen put on a very strong live performance, all the while graciously thanking the crowd for their attention and support. Take a journey with this experimental noise-pop outfit on their newest release Natures or check out any of their older releases, all available for name-your-price download.

Koppen - Good Kopp Bad Kopp

Good Kopp Bad Kopp cover art 

This album had been on my radar for a long time (more than a year) but I had yet to give it a solid listen until today. I strongly suggest you do the same, this record is one of the greats! One part hip-hop, one part electro-funk, and all amazingly fun! What really works is how accessible and friendly the lyrics and beats are. There's no stupid gangster nonsense or unnecessarily profane attitudes, just soulful  rhymes and rich melodies.
Don't miss out on a great chance to shake your ass!

The Keep - Planet Sized Synthesizer vol. II

Fantastic, well crafted cheesy funk with a truly old school flair. Sure to please those looking for a new disco experience, this record will have your whole body freaking out in no time.
Bonus: Name your price!

Psychedelic Horsemen Castle S/T

Psychedelic horsemen castle cover art 
Hard, fast and heavy... just like how I like it. This album will take you on a trip from far out galaxies to the dark inner workings of man's soul. There's plenty of strong riffs and incredible drumming happening but the real strength of the record comes from the eerie atmosphere built by some truly impressive experimentation on the guitar. This is a great listen for getting lost in a good sci-fi novel or vegging out in front of your favorite console.

Pretend - New album teaser!

Math/post rock group Pretend have a new album in the works!

Listen to their debut here

Hijo de la Tormenta - Simple 5/12

A bit of post rock, a bit of sludge, a bit of stoner. Heavy and looming, with some nice leads.