Ruined Machines - Uranus Review


The saga that is Ruined Machines' Celestial Bodies series continues with Uranus (insert your anal joke here). Uranus is similar to Mars (big and red of course) in that it contains two tracks of mostly electronic and guitar based ambiance. "Miranda" is a gorgeous exploration of synth and organ that develops slowly with a wild range of percussion, electric guitar, and fluttering electronics that truly dazzle. This may end up being one of my favorites in the series, but I wish it had been a little longer (like ten minutes!). "Circuits to Sirius" the second track, opening with a soothing guitar section over minimal percussion. Though the track doesn't really go anywhere in terms of development, it's sweetness makes it fun to get lost in. This song is almost romantic, serenading the listener until its chaotic, noisy conclusion. Neptune is coming soon (just 11 days!) and Pluto won't be far off. It's the final, unnamed installment of this excellent series that intrigues me... will it be Planet X (Nibiru or any of the other mythical 10th planets) or perhaps some other celestial object beyond our solar system. Either way, I can't wait! If you have yet to experience all of the past releases, you can download all of them together for only $4 (or name your price for each one individually).
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