Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt - Dys/Closure

Well, who wouldn't want to wear a shirt with that band name? A new release from Australian underground label Art As Catharsis and described as a mix of grindcore and mathcore with a pinch of traditional hardcore, I was immediately fond of the idea. And it plays quite well. It's a good fusion. Shorter songs tend to favour energetic, dissonant mathgrind whereas longer tracks are closer to traditional hardcore with the odd breakdown and an occasional flattened fifth. Those tracks are usually bland. I'm not usually fond of grindcore as much of what I've heard is irritating and predictable hardcore is played at breakneck speed while the bass register is just fuddy as muck. And the recording is very thick. Not muddy, but the bass is kind of filling the background with sound while the dirty guitar plays on. And the drums have a natural sound which I rarely encounter: actually sounding like what I expect a drum to sound like rather than the flat, processed beat machine which many records have. This starts fast with some real angular stuff, but the middle of the album kind of goes into slower, looming hardcore where the vocalist is, though a little unremarkable, complementary. Particularly in the track rather oddly titled "instrumental". The eclecticism of the album plays to its advantage and despite a certain fucking pointless eleven second track, it's got a lot of diversity which I find hard not to admire as many bands in the -core scene find a single sound and stick to it like a mollusk till their death. Even if they do it well. In particular, tracks like Dislocate really spice the album up with the drastic change in sound from the bass and the awkward, jarring bass/guitar call-and-response in the intro. Kind of reminds me of the intro to Behold The Arctopus' You Are Number Six. And that's a very good thing. It's what I'd like to see in mathcore where - asides from bands like Psyopus - they use time signatures appropriately and in a way which actually compliments the music rather than being a crutch to lean on to excuse bad songwriting. While this isn't anything likely to be a favourite of anyone's the writing shows through enough to keep you interested and certainly enough to make you want to hear more. This will be released on April 15th 2013, but I recommend you preorder it: it's five bucks.

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