Cafe OTO - Charlemagne Palestine

I was lucky enough to see Charlemagne Palestine recently. At the show, Charlemagne showed his more experimental side and also proved to be totally eccentric, bringing with him a menagerie of stuffed toys in a suitcase; both for aesthetics and sound. With them, he made a song (they sang a tune about loving to sing and he joined them) out of their programmed sound. He did this over a keyboard drone. He then played a variation on Strumming Music and sang the Toy Song over it. He referred to the toys as "singing arseholes" due to their mouths. 

Supporting was The Bohman Brothers with Steve Noble. I was told by a reviewer of The Quietus that he has been called "the best drummer in London". He was skeptical for obvious reasons, but said that when he saw him play, he found it hard to deny it. And having seen him in action I can only agree: he's very, very talented. The Bohman Brothers did some EAI stuff with bottles, corkscrews, violin bows, knives, and over all this, read excerpts of magazines dedicated to parrot collectors. In funny voices. 

It was brilliant. 


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