Cub - Betti-Cola (1993)

As a group, Cub captured the youthful innocence and naïvety of earlier twee pop pioneers such as Beat Happening. Lisa Marr's cutesy, whimsical tales of sitting around, drinking beer and hanging out with no sense of urgency or purpose. Cub's music is more concerned with sentimentality and providing a sweet and naïve view of the world than creating something overly complex and challenging - while some may see Cub's music as simplistic or even childish, this is a strength in Marr's songwriting than a flaw. With "Betti-Cola", Cub weave together a glut of small songs that move together more like a suite of short vignettes than a coherently structured album, but the ramshackle structure lends an even more earnest and intimate feel to the music - Again, I can't help but compare this to Beat Happening, in that it's just a closeknit group of friends getting together and putting their thoughts to tape with little to no concern for technicality or marketability - Despite their cutesy, almost saccharine style, the album feels completely sincere and earnest. The sunny poptimisim of a song like "Someday" couldn't be made by anyone who doesn't view the world with the childlike sense of wonderment and optimism of Marr. Even the more lovelorn songs are filled with sugary sentimentality and nostalgia, and the faint glow of optimism, more than embittered resentment and hate. The jangly guitar sounds is a perfect compliment to the sweet and cute singing - even at it's noisiest, it's more like a warm haze than a fiery, discordant noise jam, and Robynn's jangly strums might not be technically complex, but they evoke the heartfelt sentimentality and naïvety of a group like the Shaggs or Beat Happening.

"Betti-Cola" is a perfect time capsule of the innocence and vitality of adolescence, the twilight era between complete ignorance and crushing responsibility: the way Cub reminisce on dancing, partying and love feels incredibly heartfelt and cutesy without the pretensions of age or any kind of burden. It's fun and cute, and holds immense appeal to any fans of twee pop.

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