This Way To The Egress

I'll start by pointing out that "dark cabaret" is a subgenre you would be a fool to try and take seriously; almost as foolish as trying to call Andrew Jackson Jihad pretentious. Dark Cabaret is essentially a mix of old time, cabaret pop, punk, manouche jazz, and klezmer. There are often crossovers with "death rock". It's fun, groovy, cheesy, and fun. I often find myself comparing most artists in this genre to Reverend Glasseye and Tom Wait's Blood Money - the best artists/albums which I've found in the scene - and these guys are certainly no exception. While it's got the elements of the swing in there the overall styling is much poppier. It's what I'd describe as an entry point or the sort. It's got all the instrumentation and the right technique but there is nothing to separate ...Egress from the rest of the scene and it's all a bit homogenous. It's got the cheese and the gimmick but unlike people like Reverend Glasseye and The Deadfly Ensemble they have little to support the music. Their cover of Show Me The Way To Go Home is pretty nice mind you.


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