Pryapisme - Hyperblast Super Collider

I'll start by saying this was supposed to be reviewed a LONG time ago, but personal issues, forgetfulness and many an other excuse got in the way.

I was somewhat ambivalent towards this release when the video promoting it was meme-ridden irritation. However, seeing as less serious experimental metal is very much the wild card of quality and overall influence, I thought I'd give it a go. It's essentially a mix of "Nintendocore" with different approaches to metal, but mostly progressive metal. From the word go, the album is throwing styles out left and right with varying success (it begins with a hardstyle-esqe beat of all things!). For all intensive purposes, I should loathe this. The effects are obnoxious; the changes unsubtle and jarring. But I am quite liking it. It has some moments I'd be glad without hearing ever again, but from a piano melody overlaid with a synth, a house beat or a tremolo riff, it seems to work in what is the loosest sense of the word. Reminiscent of artists such as Unexpect, Koenjihyakkei, and HORSE the band, cheesy melodies and arpeggiated synth progressions are abound. And while the fusion of genres isn't any more obnoxious than any of the above - taking some of the most obnoxious genres as core influences and somehow not making me cringe too much - it's considerably less refined. While even the most chaotic metal artists have structured songs which return to a theme or at least make the odd anaphora, Pryapisme seem content in making a series of perpetually linear progressions with seldom a return. So much so that I'm thinking of the principle of the eternal return to a new idea each time: repetition born of the concept of there being none.

While it certainly keeps my attention, it lacks finesse. It's a barrage of changes which attempt chaos or looseness but affect something obviously contrived. It's not childish; being more an attempt to take sounds and influences which lack a great amount of depth and forge them into something less digestible and more intricate, but it falls short. I'm reminded of Igorrr's work in use of instrumentation and changes, yet the tension built is never enough. Long, ever-changing progressions wish to build up to a plateau or a peak and a short harmonisation from the guitars is the payoff. Hyperblast Super Collider seems to be an example of progressive metal with a less serious approach ideal for someone looking to hear something busy and unpredictable as an escape from the more almost pretentious areas of the genre which are obsessed with affecting a level of superiority and developedness. It's silly, lacking in cohesion, and will likely elicit a range of reactions from you, and in a good way. If you're from a listening school of no fun allowed: serious, complex music only, you will likely grind your teeth down listening to this.

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