Cloudkicker - Subsume

Subsume cover art 

Cloudkicker (Ben Sharp) makes a triumphant return with Subsume. Consisting of four tracks, all but one clocking in at over 8 minutes, the album ebbs and flows with all of the intensity and beauty one has come to expect from a Cloudkicker record. Functioning as a conglomerate of Fade's alt-rocking fancy and Cloudkicker's formative work in above-par progressive metal, Subsume is easily one the most challenging albums he's recorded to date. The songs (each with appropriately long post rock names) are complex in both their sonic ferocity and melodic finesse. There is no shortage of amazing riffs on this record and the time signatures on a couple of tracks will knock your block off. Additionally, Sharp's use of the Superior Drummer program is as technically amazing as usual, though I feel Fade exhibited perhaps his most inventive and alluring beats to date.
Long story short, there is no reason you should not listen to this record at least a few times all the way through. By then if you still have not found anything to love then I wish you good luck...

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