The Mountain - Himalaya

Kevin Carafa's one man recording project, Himalaya, delivered this interesting piece near the end of 2012. The opening 10 minutes are incredibly atmospheric, setting the mood just right for the progressive rock elements to kick in. The lyrics could have used some tweaking, but they generally fit the songs fairly well. Overall this is a pretty cool listen.  If you like it, check out his other offerings and toss him a few bucks if you feel so inclined (all of his music is name-your-price).

Kevin Carafa on Bandcamp

Toshimaru Nakamura - No-Input Mixing Board [3]

Quickly becoming one of my favourite electronic artists, Nakamura manipulates a mixing board to create atmospheric, often droning EAI.

Eli Keszler

Hey all! Just thought I'd recommend this guy's work. Experimental stuff heavily based around rhythm. I've heard Oxtirin and Cold Pin, and found them to be interesting and pretty rewarding records. Thought I'd give a link to his discography.

Magic Lantern - High Beams

Been giving this a good listen today. Incredibly groovy stoner/psychedelic rock. Some nice drones but mostly non-bwoo. Just groovy, atmospheric bliss.

Echotide - as our floodlights gave way to dawn

as our floodlights gave way to dawn cover art 

My humble ears were treated to this amazing record today. Echotide's masterwork is wrought with quiet, ambient moments and symphonic majesty that should satisfy your craving for something truly epic. More than just a worthwhile listen, this record can take you places if you give it half a chance. GET IT!!


In the first few minutes of “Onibi Dance ”, Hampus uses the sounds of running water as a sample interlaced with his omnipresent piano and strings. He takes that sound, however, and breaks it up so that the running water no longer runs and instead limps. Music often flows like running water, and with this sample, Hampus lays out his musical philosophy immediately, showing that he will take the most flowing, beautiful music and chop it up as he pleases. If Hampus's piano and strings represent a piece of glass, untouched and perfectly clear, then his samples and beats represent a huge sledgehammer with which he destroys the glass and laughs as the glass shatters and falls to the ground. His aim, so precise, causes the glass to fall into a perfect shape in its shattered form, much like Picasso’s cubist paintings or Dali’s melted clocks. Each piece of glass, its own unique shape, holds inside its own musical motif. Yet as the shapes of glass all fit together, so do the motifs. In this, Hampus creates organized chaos of epic proportions, perhaps the most epic the electronic world has seen.

Magenta Circuit only has two songs, but the album spans nearly an entire 24 minutes minutes. Song, however, understates these works. Rhapsody seems more fitting. Even symphony might suffice. The attention to detail Hampus puts into his music allows a cohesion that no “song” of its length could achieve. Not only do the songs feel at their correct length and maintain interest throughout, but also the three songs play off each other with similar ideas. Still, Hampus employs his sounds in very contrasting ways. The songs feel connected yet their own entities, one of the most remarkable achievements of the album. For the most part, Hampus uses strings, piano, and Sine Waves as his melodic instruments, creating a core sound much like his Swedish contemporary Cease. In fact, even their concept of integrating glitchy paper samples into the sound is very much the same. Hampus just composes his music with more finesse, adding more depth to not only his drums but also his melodic content. From this core sound, Magenta Circuit burgeons into a work of art.Of the two tracks, “Onibi Dance” is certainly the more conventional one despite its superior length. By stating musical themes, expanding on them, and maintaining a homophonic sound with melody and accompaniment, it stays relatively similar throughout. In “Onibi Dance”, the drums make the song’s climaxes with offbeat accents, retardations, and delays everywhere. Even when the drums stay conservative, it feels as if Hampus is simply drawing back his sledgehammer for the big smash once again. Once the sine wave appears, Hampus moves into a completely different mood, especially mid-song. For a good ten seconds, he builds an incredibly suspenseful crescendo. Through rubato minimalist paper samples and haunting ambient sounds, the song grows and recesses relentlessly. Once everything finally resolves, the off-kilter accents and sudden delays go away, and finally everything can breathe. After the final resolution, representing the song’s overall climax, it becomes apparent that the first minute of the song simply build to that climax of gorgeous string counterpoint, paper samples, and driving various percussion. What stuns most about “Onibi Dance” is not any specific moment, but the fact that Hampus composed twenty-three minutes of self-aware music with obvious constant forward direction.>>32891865
“Dogma: Melchoir” feels much more spastic. Once again, the first few minutes describe a musical philosophy, one of constantly changing feels. For the most part, Hampus plays impeccable jazz synth and the drums accompany him, but the drummer may have run out of batteries. The drums constantly stop and get out of time. Only seconds later, however, a bea

utiful string chorale kicks in. In this song, Hampus does not lay out such a large concept map for the listener to follow. Instead, he composes a song that feels more interesting minute by minute but less rewarding at its culmination. It relies on the shock value of each individual moment, and since he composes so well, it works. Even though the instrumentation is nearly exactly the same as “Onibi Dance”, the two contrast each other so much in their format. Hampus makes use of off kilter accents, synthesizer effects, and ambient sound much more in the second song as well, so despite the similar instrumentation, he uses each instrument in a new way. 

Magenta Circuit is one of the most intrinsically well-composed electronica albums I’ve ever heard. While difficult to navigate at first, only through multiple listens will the album begin to register and stick with the listener. Undoubtedly, it will stun on first listen, but every time, something new projects from the music. Hampus might just take his sledgehammer and knock down the walls of the genre completely, watch out.

Strong 9.5/10 BNM

Animal Collective vs. Merzbow - My Spiral Blast Girls

Occasionally you come across something you can't help but laugh at. This is a good example of that.

The Rodeo Idiot Engine - Fools Will Crush The Crown

Now this is some nasty mathcore/grindcore. All over the place. Get it.

Haut&Court - La Vie

Mathcore from France. Pretty intense stuff.

Nurture - In The Middle Of Everything

I've given this a few listens, and the bottom line is that this deals more of the same. I was impressed by the demo, but unfortunately this gives me nothing new. It's enjoyable and a solid release, but I'd like to be surprised. Good stuff, and a welcome addition to any skramz fan's collection.

Vàg - Disposal

From Cum Function, Vag is a side project focusing on harsh noise wall along the lines of TST, but more minimal. Lots of focus on texture, but also on the variation of the texture, rather than the relentless style of Vomir. EDIT: After giving this a lot of my time, I can tell you that this is excellent. Though my mind wanders if I'm not in the right mood for HNW, this is an intricate and very impressive record. Get it.

Svartvit - Auto​-​da​-​Fé

Just got round to giving this a proper listen. It's kind of black noise/harsh noise wall, albeit with some variation. Pretty interesting stuff.

Disasterpeace - Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar

I've been trying to open myself up to chiptune music for some time and this album may be the one that put me over the fence. Complex and immense in all the right ways, this record requires repeat listens for all the elements to come together. The record also expresses its concept well, focusing on challenging, cosmic aural imagery that sweeps you up in its wordless story. Musical cues and influence are taken obviously from old school NES and SNES sci-fi and fantasy games, providing for a few nostalgic moments and an entire world of new possibilities... This one is occasionally up for name-your-price download (or $2 if you have the spare change) but if you want something free, check out some of his other offerings (specifically Bomberman Live Battlefest) and see if anything strikes your fancy.

Cleft - Whale Bone

Much like their prog and kraut rock brethren, Cleft dishes out some bind-blowing compositions... What makes them great is that they get their ideas out in just a few minutes as opposed to the unnecessary noodling often found in the genre. This record is a boatload of fun in a small package and should be enjoyed by damn near everyone.

Clatter - Garden of Whatever

A rather unique take on progressive rock mixing drum and bass techniques with conventional instrumentation. I really dig the clean, strong female vocals throughout this release and the songwriting is generally very compelling. Listen with an open mind and you should easily find something you love about Clatter.
This and their two prior releases are available for name-your-price download.

Jardín de la Croix - Ocean Cosmonauts

Jardin de la Croix do a mix math rock and post rock, though I suppose “neo-prog” suffices. They kind of sound like Six Gallery, And So I Watch You From Afar, and Scale The Summit met in a broken lift and the former two banged while the latter watched. A pretty impressive album once you cut through the odd lump of cheese.

Theophany - Time's End

Last May saw the truly amazing post rock Legend of Zelda tribute from Cory Johnson (Available HERE!!) and just before the supposed end of the world (fittingly) this little gem was released. Theophany crafts some fantastically ambient versions of the Majora's Mask soundtrack, enveloping you with atmosphere and wonder. This beauty is available for a mere 50 cents on Bandcamp (and free through their links) so grab it and enjoy! 

Cloudkicker - Hello

Newest release from Cloudkicker is a single track of mind crushing drone insanity. If this is a sign of things to come Mr. Ben Sharp, then I can't wait for his next full length...

Racing Glaciers EP

Dig it! This is a pretty sweet little EP with a couple very amazing songs (Summit and Little River are my faves). Give it a listen and enjoy!

Dead To A Dying World

Oh, wow. This is blackened crust with a cello and a double bass. Just listen to it. Now.

Cosmic Compositions Avant Garde Series Vol​.​1

An absolutely killer Jazz-Hop compilation from a project called Cosmic Compositions. The compilation features a varied and dynamic range of hip-hop artists all sampling the work of Pharoah Sanders, a popular saxophonist who was responsible for many of the developments in Free Jazz. This is one of the most well-executed compilations I've ever listened to.

Cavities - 64 Years

Melodic Hardcore with some Sludge there at times. Very aggressive but in a solemn way.

Likes Lions - First The Head, Later The Tale

Some quite atmospheric Alternative Rock with lots of little embellishments. Nothing amazing, but good fun.

Psychojet - The Sea Is Never Full

Have some post-rocky math rock. Instrumental and lots of dual melodies. Not bad!

The Byron Herbert Reece Society - Winter Solstice


This lovely tune is one of many recorded by one of my dear friends to benefit the  Byron Herbert Reece Society. The songs on the collection are done acapella, and sung to the tunes of traditional scotch/irish/english ballads. While the album is still a while away from release, I thought it would be nice to share a sample this fine work. You can listen to "Winter Solstice" here.
To quote the society's mission statement:
 "The purpose of the Byron Herbert Reece Society is to preserve, perpetuate, and promote the literary and cultural legacy of the Georgia mountain poet/novelist, Byron Herbert Reece.  In addition to enhancing both knowledge of and appreciation for his writings, efforts will be made to honor his way of life, with particular emphasis on his love of nature and his attachment to farming."

Eolian - Egg


With Egg, Eolian has crafted a truly epic recording. While it is available as a split up download of 8 tracks, the entire record is a continuous 35 minute concept concerning the avian cycle of life (the entire record as one track is also included in the download). Also of note are the MANY formats available for this record, including two vinyl color options and a CD version. Combine this with the truly unique packaging and you've got one awesome release. Check it out!

Eolian on Bandcamp

The Cracklin' Oats Band


How can you resist this awesome logo? Ok, maybe Cracklin Oat Bran isn't your favorite cereal, or maybe you've never eaten it... Point is, this band is pretty awesome, delivering old-timey acoustic jams with a heavy emphasis on harmony and smooth rhythms. Some of the guitar work on here is incredible and deserves some serious listening. In addition the vocals flow really well, occasionally taking on a hip-hop quality in their pacing. Great for hanging with your friends, cleaning your house, or just relaxing on a Sunday morning. Also, they are offering this gem up for FREE so please go download it and show these fellas some support by spreading the word!

Wizard Rifle - Speak Loud Say Nothing


Pack one up and relax out with this fantastic stoner rock . There's lots to love about this one, including some intense drumming, nutso guitar noodling, rifftastic melodies and suitably exciting vocals. Bonus: Available in awesome, uniquely "bong" colored vinyl (get 'em while they last!)

Crywank - Tour Demos 2012

Some more sad folk-punk/indie folk from the UK; a preparation EP for his European tour.

37500 Yens - Astero

One of my favourite Experimental Rock/Math Rock artists around. Very thin, atmospheric and dissonant.

The Schoenberg Automaton

If you can bear the djenty chugs, these guys do some reasonably okay progressive metalcore. Lots of dissonant weedling.

Aseethe - Red Horizon

Unlike their usual Funeral Doom/Atmosludge/Drone Doom shizz, this is a reinterpretation of a couple of Barn Owl riffs from their album The Conjurer: very stonerish. I first came across Aseethe when I was searching for new drone doom, and found Reverent Burden. They follow Earth's later stoner work in that it is both repetitive but not totally drone; more relying on a chord for structure and not being simply BWOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM-style drone/doom metal. This, on the other hand, is much dronier and, despite being a "cover" of Barn Owl's work (which is in itself very referential to Earth), they have done what many consider impossible: the cover is better than the source. For nine minutes long, this is one of the best EPs I've seen released in some time in the drone rock scene. Get it.

Squanto - On Being Lumpy

This is some incredibly solemn stuff... Squanto is an indie folk/slowcore project making some of the most depressing music in the genre. Banjos, what I think is an accordion, keys, and vocals over an acoustic guitar. Very atmospheric, and the 11 minute ambient track serves as a definite positive contribution to the album, rather than being filler. I take issue with the background ambiance on many tracks consisting of keys smudged by production, as it gets a little predictable, but he's doing something impressive here.

Buffalo Black - The Prelude

A promo EP for Texan rapper Jamil Kelly's latest work as a producer, which is a preview of his upcoming album. It seems promising: despite being less lyrically interesting as previous works, the production is good. I've been waiting about a year to hear anything out of JK, and that time is justified by this in that Jamil has clearly been practicing.

Attohwa - Havet

Sometimes my idle archiving of Bandcamp links makes me very happy. Just found this: drone doom/ambient from what I'm hearing, though the second album is noisier.

Weird Ribs - Frontiers

This is another "I listened to it last year and then forgot because I have the memory of a goldfish" album. Psychedelic Ambient. Need to relisten a few times, but it's good. Check it out.

Ruby The Hatchet - Ouroboros

I had never really heard anything comparable to Patti Smith before hearing Jillian Taylor of Ruby the Hatchet. PJ Harvey maybe but not really, not ‘raw’ enough. Miss Taylor has something extra, perhaps it is that wonderful raspy voice that, as Patti Smith demonstrated, works so well with a fuzzy guitar and simple ‘engine room’ drums. Being an Englishman the thing that struck me the most was the delightfully sexy American twang that flicks out with the intonation of each word, this is particularly apparent on ‘Black Tongue’ where she drags outs syllables over the pinch harmonics of an equally sexy-stoner riff. It is carefree and frivolous at times but with just the right amount of predatory growl. The vocals really shine through but do not get me wrong, the rest of the ensemble is far from weak - on the contrary we are of treated to instrumental sections full of vigour and ingenuity. The guitar solos are lovingly poured out with a smoothness of oil onto hard marble, with added phaser for interest. The simplicity of songs like ‘Can’t Get Him Away,' with the happy addition of supporting male vocals, so reminiscent of masterpiece ‘Rock ‘n Roll Nigger’ by Patti Smith, show that this four piece from Philadelphia understand that the song serves itself, Zen-like; it does not need to be forced with creativity and complexity. It is this facet that can create something really enjoyable and ultimately memorable.

Notable tracks in this excellent collection include ‘The Lean’ which, being a guitarist myself, unfolds like a masterpiece, successfully building a haunting atmosphere with sustained, acid tinged wails from the fuzz box. Bravo, John Scarperia. Also, the instrumentally led ‘Holy Father’ which is accompanied by a dry and airy Organ, has a beautifully worked arrangement. The track ‘Nowhere’ is gentle and clean, (I was at t i m e s reminded of the wonderful guitar of Johnny Marr) but holds a sad foreboding within its rhythmic chants: “You’re going nowhere...” It is an expression that could instill a terror within any listener, and if art is about evoking the most primal of emotions, then this track achieves an artistic high point for the album. Give your record collection a bit more  depth. Go get this album.

Mike Mictian - SNAXXX


Mike Mictian is just one of the fantastic artists that make up Doomtree, a hip-hop outfit from Minneapolis. Each of the artists release their own solo records along with their collective efforts. This is one of the most recent releases. The rhymes on this one are intelligent and smooth, keeping a good sense of humor rolling along the way. The beats are excellent as well... check it out!

Bill Squire - Sarcasm Bus


A little raunchy, a little inappropriate, but pretty damn funny. This comedy album is available to name-your-price, but if you wanna be nice you could get his second album, Just Say Your Jokes, for just $5!

Iron Mtn - Iron Mtn


Acid-tinged smoke-out fuzzball metal... fuckin awesome.

High Wolf - Atlas Nation


I had a great afternoon at work zoning out to this collection of psychedelic ramblings. It's not exactly drone, not exactly rock, not exactly traditional Indian folk... There's sitar and tabla and lots to think about on this one. Enjoy! (And check out High Wolf's other awesome offerings!)

Now robots can play rock.

Trees - Sickness In

Droning Sludge-Doom/Death-Doom. Terrifying and dark.

Het Droste Effect

This is progressive stoner rock/space rock from the now defunct Netherlands outfit HDE. A shame about that, because this stuff is damn good. Some nice playing here.

Bella's Bartok - There are our Arms

Swing/Cabaret Pop/Indie Rock. Very, very fun!

The Lucky Jukebox Brigade - Pretty Well Damned

Cabaret Pop/Swing. Quite a... different... sound. Catchy yet presenting of something deeper than you'd expect.

Tintamare - Pou'a Luck

Some swing jazz/traditional French folk along the lines of La Gargote or Compe, but with more hooks. Accordion-core.

The City Church Little Big Band - Go Tell It!

I'm a month too late! Regardless, have some swinging covers of Christmas carols.

Beek - 7bit date: robot love

Have some cheap and cheerful chiptune to chatter about cheerfully.