Aidan Baker & A-Sun Amissa - Scarpe Sensée

Modern classical drone on viola and three guitars. This is the first collaboration release between guitar drone equilibrist Aidan Baker (of Nadja, ARC et. al.) and A-Sun Amissa (of Glissando, The Rustle Of The Stars, Tomorrow We Sail et. al.) despite the two projects have completed two European tours together.
The recording was made in France and consists of a single take of all utilized instruments being performed in delicate coherence. The result is a bleak tangible atmosphere for both the weary and the restless.

Giles Corey - Live In The Middle Of Nowhere

Dark folk artist Giles Corey has a live album out. Enjoy!

And So I Watch You From Afar - All Hail Bright Futures

ASIWYFA have a new album out! Essential stuff for fans of Math Rock.

Eddache - Only Man

So this might make you cringe but I can't help but be impressed. This is more than just messing around with the soundtrack; it's that, vocal samples, sound effects and then manipulation of all of the above. Interesting result.

The Eden House - Timeflows EP

Buy this album if you can, but if not then take a little time out of your day and give it a listen. Progressive in all the right ways, gothic in tone and presentation, and ethereally cosmic throughout. If you do make the educated decision to purchase, I highly recommend the vinyl edition...

Scarecrow - "This is Blues-Hop"

Debut from Toulouse band Scarecrow. They have a newer album (released in March of 2012) but I have yet to delve into it. This record is full of great sampling,  strong beats, and very interesting vocals that mix hip hop rhyme schemes with French wordplay. There's plenty of English in there if you aren't bilingual. Killer album!

Ruined Machines - Uranus Review


The saga that is Ruined Machines' Celestial Bodies series continues with Uranus (insert your anal joke here). Uranus is similar to Mars (big and red of course) in that it contains two tracks of mostly electronic and guitar based ambiance. "Miranda" is a gorgeous exploration of synth and organ that develops slowly with a wild range of percussion, electric guitar, and fluttering electronics that truly dazzle. This may end up being one of my favorites in the series, but I wish it had been a little longer (like ten minutes!). "Circuits to Sirius" the second track, opening with a soothing guitar section over minimal percussion. Though the track doesn't really go anywhere in terms of development, it's sweetness makes it fun to get lost in. This song is almost romantic, serenading the listener until its chaotic, noisy conclusion. Neptune is coming soon (just 11 days!) and Pluto won't be far off. It's the final, unnamed installment of this excellent series that intrigues me... will it be Planet X (Nibiru or any of the other mythical 10th planets) or perhaps some other celestial object beyond our solar system. Either way, I can't wait! If you have yet to experience all of the past releases, you can download all of them together for only $4 (or name your price for each one individually).
Take the trip...

It's Not Night, It's Space - Bowing Not Knowing to What


These guys have an EP available for name-your-price, but this is their newest. A full length in all the right ways, Bowing Not Knowing to What takes you on a cosmic journey through the mind and heart. The riffs on this album are outstanding and massive, crushing your mind into a super massive frenzy. This one will set you back $5, but it's well beyond worth it.

Concept of Thought - Painting on Silence

Humorous, well conceived hip-hop with excellent beats and rhymes. These guys are from the U.K., Brighton to be exact, and they really kill. A little aggressive at times, but altogether well tempered. Give it a listen!

Gone Quite Mad - Gone Quite Mad


Here's a recently released record from Brooklyn based Gone Quite Mad. The music is pretty varied, exhibiting elements of blues, funk, and straight rock and roll. The vocals are a little odd, yet suited to the music (they remind me of another artist we have featured on this site, Tom Slatter). Really digging on this record, and I suggest you give it a listen. Highlights include the quick but vast "Moons", "20 Watt Bulb" and the aptly named seven-minute closer, "Sex Jam".

Papir - Papir

Papir cover art 

It's been a while since I posted but I have continued listening to some great music and plan on sharing plenty of it. This record came out in 2010 and is a pretty wondrous journey through the arenas of space/kraut rock. Each of the four tracks is unique and easy to get lost in. 
Give it a listen or a download. Name your price!

Cathedraal - Voix Blances

Here's some screamo!

Perilium - Optic '72

Been giving this a listen recently. Some pretty nice progressive rock. Enjoy!

Sartuin - Black Forest: Purgatory EP

Well, seems my photography is finding good use. Sartuin takes a little detour from blackened drone and focuses on noise/dark ambient for this. Very eerie.

Slow Heart - Dead Friends And Angry Lovers

Post Punk/Darkwave with a really, really solemn sound. Deep, looming vocals, drones going on at times, thudding repetitive bass... get it.

Unusual instruments

Was just discussing this on a forum, and thought I'd share it with you, too.

Consent - Conception

Have some Powerviolence/Power Electronics. Sounding very nice, and very intense!

ORE - Gullet

In February 2012, Alex Sramek (AKA Mostly Different) ventured to the UK to record and perform with ORE, in a visit that culminated in performances in Birmingham and Bristol, and two days of improvising and experimenting with the unusual acoustics at Gullet Quarry in Worcestershire. This field recording is a document of our time at the quarry, accompanied by the wind, miscellaneous wildlife, and the occasional dog sploshing into the lake.

ORE have been consistently good, so I recommend this strongly for anyone who finds the idea of two tubas and a clarinet playing drone attractive.

Hellige - Discography

Thanks to Witchy for this rec. Blackened Doom. Upon sampling, it's pretty good, though a little over-dramatic at times. 

Light Bearer - Silver Tongue

Atmospheric Sludge fellows Light Bearer have a new album out today!

Oh, now this is just amazing.

Electron microscope builder by day, Industrial and Drone Metal artist by night. Made by - of all things - machinery. Nothing special for industrial, but considering he builds the instruments, programs them, and then learns to play them, it adds another layer of "holy shit, this is amazing" to it.

Memorial Cervix

This is some pretty impressive improvised noise. Very jarring.

Ungrund - Discography

Though somewhat inconsistent quality-wise, there is some great stuff to be heard by Ungrund. It's EAI/drone/noise, but very varied.