Black Pus - Pus Mortem

Noise Rock side project from the drummer of Lightning Bolt. That should be more than enough to get you interested.

Hebosagil - Ura

Sludge/Noise Rock. Not hugely original but it has it's moments, and is a fun ride.

A Portrait of Eliane Radigue (2009) - Maxime Guitton

Eliane Radigue is an experimental electronic composer who takes a minimalist approach. She is fast becoming an absolute favourite of mine so do listen!


An experimental drone/doom project This is some good stuff. A couple of guitars that are sludgy as fuck, and minimal percussion. Very melodic for drone doom at times, and great to relax to providing you have headphones

Simply Saucer

Simply Saucer was a Canadian rock band formed during the late 70s. Though the proto-punk scene wasn't the talk of the time at the moment, Simply Saucer still managed to create a record that would defy all punk records that came before it, by showing a clear and worthy apprehension of the history of rock music. They leaped from style to style, from noise to noise, exemplifying what rock music is all about. Noise, sweat, dirtiness, and rawness, all into one package of free-form rock jams that fall under hard-to-classify.


Sludge of the atmospheric persuasion. A tone like a bee under a sink and a sound that's not unlike the name.

Overtone Singing Links

I've been learning to throat sing over the last month or two. It involves shaping the tongue to create high pitched whistling melodies over a constant drone.  Should anyone wish to learn more, these links may be of interest.

U SCO - Nest

If there's anything worthy of being labeled "post-avant jazzcore" it's this. A mix of math rock, krautrocky prog, noise rock, and hardcore, this is a really intricate and fascinating release.

Count Your Lucky Star's week long Bandcamp sale!

If you're a fan of emo/screamo music, you have to get on this shit. Count Your Lucky Stars are giving away their labels entire anthology which includes the discography of artists like Empire! Empire!, Snowing, Dowsing, Annabel and Joie de Vivre. It's only for a week so get in while you can.

Rorcal - Vilagvege

Chotic black/doom metal. Free DL link is near the bottom of the page.

Crown The Liar - Dead World Anthology

Fast, shouted mathcore. Goooood shit.

大友良英 (Otomo Yoshihide) - Cathode

Yoshihide's "Cathode" begins with a beautiful, languid acoustic ballad that is surrounded on all sides by harsh, piercing sine wave modulations. The way in which Sachiko M's abrasive sine solo bleeds over the beauty of the fragility of the sho and acoustic guitar piece is a masterful demonstration of contrast. "Cathode #1" features some downright disturbing and inhuman sounds, from the back-masked cymbals that creep in eerily to all manner and the spasmodic, jittery Shamisen melodies. The entire piece has a distinct Musique Concrète feel, with all the various fragments of sound being brought together in a bizarre and claustrophobic way, recreating the ominous atmosphere of a piece like Chion's "Requiem". "Cathode #2" forgoes the cacophony of the previous song, shifting from ghostly sine wave melodies to insect-esque chirping and the fragments of feedback crackling underneath the track, as the sine wave melodies intensify, until the glitches take complete hold of the track - yet despite the apparent noise, this track feels far more controlled and restrained than the all-out cacophony of "Cathode #1", and further demonstrates Yoshihide's skill as a master of contrast. The closer is just a duet between Sho and Sine Wave modulations, and the haunting, reedy sound of the Sho perfectly complements the high pitched whine of the Sine Wave modulations, a hauntingly beautiful, ghostly harmony that ends the album on an ominous, spectral note.

NEWS: Titanic Violin Found

A battery of forensics tests has determined that a violin found in a British man’s attic is the instrument that was used by the bandmaster of the Titanic to play, according to lore, “Nearer My God to Thee” during the ship’s last moments. Already offers to buy the ruined violin are pouring in. Craig Sopin, 55, a lawyer from Philadelphia, owner of one of the world’s largest collections of Titanic memorabilia and a leading Titanic expert, estimates the value of the violin to “exceed six figures, maybe seven figures.” 

“I think certainly it’s the most iconic piece that’s come from the ship,” Sopin told “Not only is it something that people would have seen and someone important would have touched, but it’s an important part of the Titanic’s story.” 

Bandmaster Wallace Hartley, 34, from Colne, Lancashire, died in the 1912 Titanic disaster and his brave and elegant playing amid the desperation of the doomed ship has become one of the central stories of the catastrophe. How the violin survived the wreck is not known for certain. The auction house Henry Aldrige and Son of Wiltshire, England, which has researched the instrument’s history, noted that several newspapers from May 1912 reported that Hartley was found with the instrument in a leather case strapped to his body. In 2006, the son of an amateur musician discovered the violin in a leather case with the initials “W. H. H.” while looking through his mother’s things in the attic. His mother had been given the violin by her former violin instructor. 

BOaT - All

If you don't get emotional at this you're dead inside.

Lavis Blake - Glue

Horny? Sad? Have a crank to this.

Japanese Twin - Prismatica

Eclectic, relaxing ambient. Perfect to get lost in.

Guadalupe Plata - Guadalupe Plata

Think punk/blues with lots of slide playing, and thumping drums!

Her Stems Spiral - Princess Poured Out The Pale Winter Moon EP

Very busy, dissonant math rock/core. Interesting if a little disconcerting on the first listen. It's very in-your-face and very, very linear.

Giza - Future Ruins

Some pretty impressive sludge/atmosludge. Have a listen: they have a nice - if a little predictable - sound.