Woven Skull - Moods Of The Hill People

Strange, dark psychedelic drone folk. Almost ritual ambient at times. Recommended.

Electric Knife Records

While I was seeing Charlemagne, I also came across a shop called Electric Knife Records: a store in Kentish Town dedicated to noise/experimental music. It was heaven. I came across vinyl and CDs from Merzbow, Charlemagne Palestine, Sissy Spacek, Eliane Radigue, and Eleh.

Cafe OTO - Charlemagne Palestine

I was lucky enough to see Charlemagne Palestine recently. At the show, Charlemagne showed his more experimental side and also proved to be totally eccentric, bringing with him a menagerie of stuffed toys in a suitcase; both for aesthetics and sound. With them, he made a song (they sang a tune about loving to sing and he joined them) out of their programmed sound. He did this over a keyboard drone. He then played a variation on Strumming Music and sang the Toy Song over it. He referred to the toys as "singing arseholes" due to their mouths. 

Supporting was The Bohman Brothers with Steve Noble. I was told by a reviewer of The Quietus that he has been called "the best drummer in London". He was skeptical for obvious reasons, but said that when he saw him play, he found it hard to deny it. And having seen him in action I can only agree: he's very, very talented. The Bohman Brothers did some EAI stuff with bottles, corkscrews, violin bows, knives, and over all this, read excerpts of magazines dedicated to parrot collectors. In funny voices. 

It was brilliant. 


Record Label: The Flenser

I was sent a promotional email recently. Was from this label and lo-and-behold, artists that I'm fond of are signed to them. So here's some stuff I especially recommend.

Lycus - Funeral doom. Posted on here before and strongly recommended. Now remastered!

Wheels Within Wheels/Merkabah - The former noisy, droning doom, and the latter darkjazz meets hardcore, Merkabah are one of my favourite jazzcore bands around.

Wreck And Reference are an experimental doom group dabbling in industrial, noise, and drone whenever it takes their fancy. They released a debut a year or so back which was met with much positivity, and this new EP is worth your time too: only $2 for this one.

Belzebong - Dungeon Vultures

A new EP from Polish fuzzed-out-cliche-name instrumental stoner doom group Belzebong, whom have recently toured in London on Desertfest 2013! Their debut was an exceptional release in stoner doom (and that's saying a lot for a genre more homogeneous than blues) and this shows they've still got it. It's $5, and you can get it on wax for around $12 minus shipping.

Tumbleweed Dealer

Some heavily involved stoner. Impressive stuff, and both groovy and chilled out.

Postdrome - Where The King Will Land

Postdrome's debut, Never Without, was an impressive release. I just found out about this, so I can only recommend you listen and hope you enjoy it as much as I will.

Os - Twelve Truths

Not my link, but this is some atmoblack/drone doom released off-label. Might be to your tastes.

Burden - Salt

My first EP is finished. Think acoustic blues/drone folk/stoner rock with downtuned banjos, cigar box guitars, throat singing, and spoken word. With Slint-style vocal production.


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>mfw they're pretty good


Cub - Betti-Cola (1993)

As a group, Cub captured the youthful innocence and naïvety of earlier twee pop pioneers such as Beat Happening. Lisa Marr's cutesy, whimsical tales of sitting around, drinking beer and hanging out with no sense of urgency or purpose. Cub's music is more concerned with sentimentality and providing a sweet and naïve view of the world than creating something overly complex and challenging - while some may see Cub's music as simplistic or even childish, this is a strength in Marr's songwriting than a flaw. With "Betti-Cola", Cub weave together a glut of small songs that move together more like a suite of short vignettes than a coherently structured album, but the ramshackle structure lends an even more earnest and intimate feel to the music - Again, I can't help but compare this to Beat Happening, in that it's just a closeknit group of friends getting together and putting their thoughts to tape with little to no concern for technicality or marketability - Despite their cutesy, almost saccharine style, the album feels completely sincere and earnest. The sunny poptimisim of a song like "Someday" couldn't be made by anyone who doesn't view the world with the childlike sense of wonderment and optimism of Marr. Even the more lovelorn songs are filled with sugary sentimentality and nostalgia, and the faint glow of optimism, more than embittered resentment and hate. The jangly guitar sounds is a perfect compliment to the sweet and cute singing - even at it's noisiest, it's more like a warm haze than a fiery, discordant noise jam, and Robynn's jangly strums might not be technically complex, but they evoke the heartfelt sentimentality and naïvety of a group like the Shaggs or Beat Happening.

"Betti-Cola" is a perfect time capsule of the innocence and vitality of adolescence, the twilight era between complete ignorance and crushing responsibility: the way Cub reminisce on dancing, partying and love feels incredibly heartfelt and cutesy without the pretensions of age or any kind of burden. It's fun and cute, and holds immense appeal to any fans of twee pop.