Under Milkwood - Over It

New EP from lofi spoken word/indie folk artist Under Milkwood. The debut, Do Not, was impressive. Check this out...

Boyfrndz - Natures

Natures cover art 

Caught this band in my hometown last night, on tour from Austin, Texas. These gentlemen put on a very strong live performance, all the while graciously thanking the crowd for their attention and support. Take a journey with this experimental noise-pop outfit on their newest release Natures or check out any of their older releases, all available for name-your-price download.

Koppen - Good Kopp Bad Kopp

Good Kopp Bad Kopp cover art 

This album had been on my radar for a long time (more than a year) but I had yet to give it a solid listen until today. I strongly suggest you do the same, this record is one of the greats! One part hip-hop, one part electro-funk, and all amazingly fun! What really works is how accessible and friendly the lyrics and beats are. There's no stupid gangster nonsense or unnecessarily profane attitudes, just soulful  rhymes and rich melodies.
Don't miss out on a great chance to shake your ass!

The Keep - Planet Sized Synthesizer vol. II

Fantastic, well crafted cheesy funk with a truly old school flair. Sure to please those looking for a new disco experience, this record will have your whole body freaking out in no time.
Bonus: Name your price!

Psychedelic Horsemen Castle S/T

Psychedelic horsemen castle cover art 
Hard, fast and heavy... just like how I like it. This album will take you on a trip from far out galaxies to the dark inner workings of man's soul. There's plenty of strong riffs and incredible drumming happening but the real strength of the record comes from the eerie atmosphere built by some truly impressive experimentation on the guitar. This is a great listen for getting lost in a good sci-fi novel or vegging out in front of your favorite console.

Pretend - New album teaser!

Math/post rock group Pretend have a new album in the works!

Listen to their debut here

Hijo de la Tormenta - Simple 5/12

A bit of post rock, a bit of sludge, a bit of stoner. Heavy and looming, with some nice leads.

Kyle Liszt - Ambients Vol. 1

Quiet ambient with a touch of guitar-based pretty. Relaxing but not something to just put on and have in the background.

Low - Do You Know How To Waltz? (Live 2013)

A rather excellent extended performance by slowcore giants Low. Rather post-rock in this. Beautiful.

Masonna -Spectrum Ripper CD+LP Repress

Masonna, Japinoise artist extraordinaire Masonna has a CD and LP repress of Spectrum Ripper for £20. These seldom come up, so get on it.

Eliane Radigue - Mila's Journey Inspired By A Dream

Minimal electronic drone by Eliane Radigue with Tibetan chant and spoken word. Essential stuff.

The Church Of Hot Coffee

Another patch maker, The Church Of Hot Coffee is a fantastic business. Etsy will usually charge you around £5 for P&P to England from America. And as well as her patches being around £1.50 each (4 for $10), she will do custom made patches like these. Many patches also cater to the feminist and LGBTQ crowd so it's not just musical ones. Mostly emo and alt. folk patches. Good stuff.

Moon's Milk

Moon's Milk is an online store for patches. For visual artists, outsider music, and experimental stuffs.

The C93 ones are low in stock. Get on it.

Malassis - Karma In Your Face

Drum and bass with a hint of a wub in there. Good stuff.