Gnaw - Horrible Chamber

From members of Khanate, Gnaw releases a new album of noisy industrial doom.

Das Kapital - Grecia

Prog rock with heavy electronic elements and slow beats. Spoken word, to boot.

Mr. Z - επανάληψη

Hip-hop/funk/psych rock. Some sampling of vocals too. Difficult to describe, but rather good. 

The Exploration - Basement Demo

Alt. rock/midwestern emo with spoken vocals. Not hugely original but interesting stuff and rather fun.

Hibernal - The Machine

Prog rock with spoken word interludes to form a progressive storyline told as part audiobook part album, and often inbetween. Not sure if it works. 

Death Grips - Government Plates

They just released this last night! More noise-hop.

Deathdealer. - Soulstealer.

Dual vocals coming from a bass and drum duo. Heavy as shit.

Native Wildlife - A Simple Life, A Quiet Mind

Post-hardcore slightly reminiscent of La Dispute. Quite dissonant at times.

Seaven Teares - Them Bones (Alice In Chains cover)

Experimental rock with a chant element. Excellent stuff.

Crywank - Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday And Everyday Is Stupid

Crywank is fairly self-descriptive anti-folk/folk punk. Earlier albums were pretty good. You'll crank till you crymax.

Kaninchen - Broke Up

Conceptual spoken world EP over indie folk on a nylon stringer. Good stuff - two vocalists.

Houses And Homes - Summer

Incredibly pretty indie folk that sounds like the artwork. His voice is amazing, too.

Gross - Demo

Aggro hardcore punk/powerviolence. Angry shit.

Basilisk - Immortality - Divinity


Bix - The North

Very bass-heavy, electronic, instrumental hip hop. Catchy at times, experimental at times.

Own Road/Urr split

Just got this in an Urr bundle. Own Road play otherworldy folk on this. Urr play looming drone doom. Urr have been a favourite of mine for quite some time, and this doesn't disappoint.