Samasara Blues Experiment - Waiting For The Flood

Writers of the stunning Long Distance Trip, more colossal stoner rock lays over you.

Marc De Pape - The Chime

An environmental ‘meter’ that translates local acoustic and kinetic data into lush musical compositions, using the physical space as a generative score. 

Bismuth/Undersmile - Split

A split between Bismuth and Undersmile - Britain's best drone/funeral/sludge-doom bands - have released an EP to eat your heart out with.


A particularly good folk album from Slovenia. Excellent stuff.

Elu Of The Nine - .​.​.​Maurerische Trauermusik​.​.​.

Droning funeral doom/noise doom Elu Of The Nine have released their second album; clocking in at two hours long. One track split in two.

The Infinite Three - Medium Term Strategy

Slightly noisy, droning experimental rock that brings in elements from stoner rock and industrial rock.

Low - Just Like Christmas

So this seems appropriate for this time of year...

Behind Sapphire - Jailbirds

More slightly unconventional pop with their classic pushes into other areas, and even a retake of an earlier track of theirs. Excellent vocals as per usual from the man with a voice of velvet.

Lizzard Wizzard

Repetitive doom that's muddy as fuck. Riffs galore amidst slower looming sections. And a hell of a vocalist, to boot!