Husk - Hymns

Advertised as a blackened hardcore group, use of more diminished progressions is considerably less present than it is in the lead riffs that embellish the chuggy, slightly sludgy supporting chords. But this isn't that black metal. Blackened hardcore is Hexis; this might have influence but putting it in the ad feels like a cheap shot at getting people looking for that interested. A typically raw sound is present very reminiscent of Rotten Sound and other breakneck fast bands. Slick changes in sound very distinct changes, too are consistently observable - very distinct changes, too - and the bass has a fantastic rumbling, muddy tone that offsets the brighter guitars only helping the transitions as it means that there's no off-putting changes in tone or sound between sections thus allowing for the distinct guitar tones to separate and rejoin cleanly like bloody puzzle pieces. Vocals are buried in the mix rather than being obnoxiously put above everything else like most fucking -core bands; giving the vocals an even more instrumental quality and a more rhythmic role than one of delivering a subject or tale. Short and sweet songs that merge together like blood and piss in a blender. Keelhaul is a bit of a sore thumb though. More atmospheric but detracting from the original heavier, abrasive style it's just a bit uninspired and I've heard gang vocals over a moody hardcore bassline far too many times. A lighter song comes in which kind of helps ease in Keelhaul and for all intensive purposes it's excellent use of context and you can tell the tracklisting has been considered carefully. Then it's back to the fast dissonant open string leads and repetitive -core. Finishes off on a longer song. A faster one too. I noticed something on the first listen and I'm hearing it again now and it's that fucking tom punching through the entire mix. You've got what is the thickest, sludgy song on the album and the drummer's hitting a trebly 8th note on it for the entire track. It's somewhere between making me want to tap my foot to it and turn it off. Regardless of how my mood takes it, it totally distracts from what is some of the best guitar work on the album and that's not really a good thing in this case.

It's pretty good. As I say about most bands I get requests for reviews I'd like to see it go further and do what the hell they want to but they're letting loose a little and it works well enough. It followed into some weird-arse experimental rock on my playlist which immediately put it on a downer. I'd like to see what Husk do when they really start to experiment.

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