Goryl - The Father Of Evil Witches

I was expecting a more doom-oriented effort on this one. Evil Witches opens up with a major chord and the odd pretty dissonance as the progression loops: reminds me of some of the work on Thrones And Dominions. A fuzzy tone that's thicker than on past releases; it holds me a lot more in that respect. There are more sections to songs on this one, the first track seemingly having three. The added variance is welcome as, despite how much I love total minimalism, it's always good to have something build or change upon a base.Open strings played to ring with slid notes are more common, too. Angels Blood is a Cure doing just that, as well as rising up an octave, something which give that fuzz and tone a little more drive and is just plain lovely. People have criticized The Father Of Witches for being sloppily played and poorly produced. While there is some truth in that at points, that criticism isn't applicable here. While the production is far from hi-fi it's appropriate to the overall approach to the music, so it's more beneficial than a hindrance. However, despite wanting the lone guitar approach, some songs do suffer from having nothing else - even a second guitar playing sympathetic melodies would work wonders. 

Overall this release has a thicker sound and is something of a maturation of the style first presented in the debut.

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