Candle Kid

A single to an upcoming album! Folk/bluegrass with an indie feel a-la The Tallest Man On Earth, but closer to the roots of the genre and dare I say it at times better.

Sand (as Children say) by The Morganatics

Some pretty good alt. rock. Vocals are especially nice.

Merkabah - New album!

Merkabah, the jazzcore group everyone loves to love, have a new album released on March 31st! Listen to the preview track. It's DAMN good.

Poisk - Palindrome

As is implied in the title, the album is a phonetic palindrome. Ambient with synths, keys, an erhu, mandolin, and all sorts of other sounds and noises thrown in. Eerily beautiful at times. Think I'm going to enjoy this one...

Unjustly Labelled - Bizarro

Heavy industrial sludge/doom with clear influence from Meshuggah. But it works damn well. Some symphonic keyboard sections.

Motherfucker - Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do cover art 

The amazing women of Motherfucker are impressive, energetic musicians whose craft is geared towards extreme fun with absolutely no fucks given. As a close friend of the group, it gives me a great deal of joy to share in the release of their first EP.
Give it a listen or give them some money, either way they will destroy your face.